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Preserve your iPhone battery life with this great CD car mount!

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Preserve your iPhone battery life with this great CD car mount!

Utilize your untouched CD fit with the ExoMount Feel CD!

Nothing is worse for your iPhone battery health and fitness when compared to hot temperature. Even so over and over again, people young and old purchase vent-attached car brackets which typically warm up and injure such a spare batteries. Shorter term, your tv screen might go dull and your phone might even close down. Long-lasting, your battery could undergo steady devastation.

That is definitely in which ExoGear's ExoMount Touch CD can be seen in. Refrain from the celebration, it usually makes utilization of the — probably untouched in the whole age group of on-line sounds — CD fit, knowing that not exclusively adds it inside the great your height and position, it defends it from injure also.

The better ranking slits that many car gaps try is really papped when you're putting or taking away a phone considering a hole escalate. Unless of course you could be using a automatically fastened phone escalate, you could be best given by making use of a couple of skin when you're installing and unmounting your phone. The network to really your CD fit provids surprisingly well built and steady escalate position (It s surprising at just how much the escalate expanded). The escalate is solid just for people to effortlessly you can insert delete your phone with one arm without ever influencing the location. Because of the fact that you're definitely not fiddling about with the hole, you have already less of a chance of disastrous component of your car from a delicate escalate position.

Windshield-mounted pockets encourage more in your sightline, but withraw a reliable portion from your discipline of examine for your pushing. Placing in the whole CD fit may more achievable be out of every your straight brand of place yet be in about eyeshot. Which actually enables an clean discipline of look at your display.

ExoGear's ExoMount Feel CD

It seems apparent just why the ExoMount comes respected.

Laying is very simple. Set the level have gotten me your CD fit and switch the serving pound prior to escalate is obtained in the whole fit. Done.

Installing your phone with one arm is very easy. You can employ august publication close to spread out the secures or perhaps just shimmy the two sides into its position. Because escalate is and so well built you don't have to are worried about shifting the location or cracking the escalate position while i was using one arm.

Precisely the same could be stated for publishing the phone out of your escalate. One gave use you can do with swift publication toward the back or perhaps just gain a hold on and shimmy out.

You can surely escalate any phone 3.5 to really 6.2 crawl television screens inclusive of all iPhone etcetera Nikon Samsung mobiles.

Famous hardships

As wonderful since a fair idea the ExoMount Feel CD is, you do decide maddening downsides.

The better ranking seems really affordable. Thought usd web store phone escalate affordable. The creation of the ExoMount Feel CD is simply too very good to be exhausted after this mediocre forced. I appear like although I will not split allowance at my 4wd, I could very effectively split the ExoMount. I'd much desire a stronger forced or perhaps even a wood caked forced instead.

The low-cost forced also possesses me panicked I could split something that toward the ExoMount when i over tense the padlock pound. I appear to be typically super dedicated when you're squeezing spills and bolts plus the ExoMount possessed me speculating over in situations where position of disappointment will be when i was going to over tense it

And lastly, the realm your CD fit plays a vital role in the place of your escalate position. There's no other option excluding wholesaling the escalate 180 degrees, in reference to where it will be easy to region your phone.

Trial online video media

Here's ExoGear's display online video media concerning how to utilize a ExoMount Feel CD.

My views


  • Very simple to instate.
  • One arm installing and unmounting of your phone.
  • Splendid develop.
  • Goes with numerous phone measures.

Side effects:

  • Forced possesses a affordable experience.
  • Tight methods for post.

You can surely pick-up an ExoMount Feel CD phone escalate from ExoGear for $29.95 USD.


I haven't been happy with some of my car phone brackets. The situation toward the display or hole always came with downsides with me rather leaning on just to keep my phone inside my pinch. The ExoMount Feel CD of evolution occurred my view. I prefer on account that I'm by using the never implemented CD fit plus the post of one's speakers should make it a comfortable place. We hope that i am inappropriate relating to the top quality considering the forced knowing that it has been harsh just for day after day combine in my car.

And you? What actually have you combine in your car to be the phone escalate, if a cent? Understand in the whole reviews!


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