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Pangu jailbreak team responds to ‘regional discrimination’

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Pangu jailbreak team responds to ‘regional discrimination’

Since freeing its first jailbreak final June, the Pangu jailbreak team from China has been the topic of complaint from different participants of the hacking group. Now, in a long publish on their weblog, the team has addressed one of the “vilification” it has won.

“As a team of “nerds”, we didn't need to waste time on responding such unnecessary issues and was hoping that at last this stuff may prevent after a whilst,” the post reads, in reaction to the complaint it has won “particularly from Stefan Esser (i0n1c),” famed iOS hacker.

“We hereby simply need to explain the rumors, discriminations, and vilifications on our team.”

One of the primary rumors addressed through Pangu is the intended $1 million sponsorship it won in a while after it launched the evasi0n 7 jailbreak. While they have got won sponsorship for such things as device checking out and to care for obtain severs — and all the iOS units wanted for checking out — they are saying it without a doubt hasn’t been $1 million.

Pangu additionally rubbishes reviews that they allegedly purchased vulnerabilities for his or her Pangu 7 jailbreak. They admit they used “kernel knowledge leaks mentioned in Stefan Esser’s coaching direction,” that have been already out within the wild, in order that they they may shop their very own vulnerabilities for long run jailbreaks.

“But after receiving Stefan Esser’s complaint, we in an instant launched a brand new model of the jailbreak device during which we changed the vulnerability with our personal vulnerability,” Pangu provides, prior to insisting they have got their very own skill and talents to in finding vulnerabilities and advance jailbreak equipment in line with them.

“An undertaking certificates best prices a couple of loads greenbacks,” Pangu provides. “We don’t see any explanation why to scouse borrow an undertaking certificates.”

Pangu says it did “obfuscate the code of our jailbreak equipment,” however most effective to save you their exploits from being utilized by others, and to prevent Apple from simply discovering and solving the vulnerabilities they have got found out.

“We felt very unhappy for losing time on writing this kind of non-technical article,” Pangu concludes. “In our long run talks at any safety convention, we will be able to handiest center of attention on technical stuff to recognize all attendees, somewhat than losing their time with balderdash.”


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