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Opinion: Why the iPhone 6 bends and why it wouldn’t be an issue if Apple addressed it properly

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Opinion: Why the iPhone 6 bends and why it wouldn’t be an issue if Apple addressed it properly

Last week, #BendGate took the Internet by storm. I’m positive you’re all accustomed to it by now, however if not, BendGate was created from an alleged bending issue with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. There’s a selected weak level on the inside the chassis proper beneath the quantity buttons that permits it to bend very simply with strain added in the proper place. To most, it might look like a non-issue, however a single video sparked one in every of the largest viral moments this yr in tech…

Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy published the video that I’ve embedded under this text and that’s when it all received worse. In the video, Hilsenteger clearly bends an iPhone 6 Plus on digital camera and notes the particular weak level talked about above. Of course, Hilsenteger (who's a friend and music collaborator) had completely no concept that his video would trigger the Internet to implode, however he assumed it would achieve an honest quantity of traction based mostly on studies of the iPhone 6 Plus’ bendable properties that had been revealed earlier that day. forty five million views later, BendGate turned a PR nightmare for Apple, considerably of a conspiracy principle (which Hilsenteger debunked), and an opportunity for mainstream media to point out its true colours…

First off, let’s get one factor straight: The iPhone 6 Plus will bend if sufficient strain is utilized to a sure space. In reality, a whole lot of telephones will bend when excessive strain is utilized. Everything has a weak level. And you guessed it, if you attempt to bend one thing (or should means/energy to do it) it will bend. That’s hardly the argument right here although.

As famous in the video above nevertheless, it seems that the iPhone 6 has a flawed design that’s being dismissed by Apple and lots of its followers. The drawback (as talked about above) is the apparent weak level inside the chassis of the iPhone 6 Plus. It is tough to deny. Even show fashions at the Apple Store have been discovered barely bent by child vandals. Unfortunately, it’s now a thing.


iPhone 6 Plus show models at the Apple Store.

After the eruption of BendGate, Apple responded to the state of affairs with the following statement:

Our iPhones are designed, engineered and manufactured to be each lovely and sturdy. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus function a precision engineered unibody enclosure constructed from machining a customized grade of 6000 collection anodized aluminum, which is tempered for additional power. They additionally function chrome steel and titanium inserts to strengthen excessive stress places and use the strongest glass in the smartphone business. We selected these excessive-high quality supplies and development very rigorously for his or her power and sturdiness. We additionally carry out rigorous checks all through the whole improvement cycle together with 3-level bending, strain level biking, sit, torsion, and consumer research. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus meet or exceed all of our top quality requirements to endure on a regular basis, actual life use.

With regular use a bend in iPhone is extraordinarily uncommon and via our first six days of sale, a complete of 9 clients have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus. As with any Apple product, if you will have questions please contact Apple.

Did Apple include Wired’s review unit? Mat Honan stated he had the similar issue. Was he complaining? No, however he solely had the gadget for 4 days earlier than noticing the issue. He merely identified that his unit was barely bent and provided a easy concept:

Like lots of people, I have a bent iPhone 6 Plus. It’s virtually imperceptible, however it’s there: a slight warp proper at the buttons on the aspect. Put the telephone display down on a desk, and it wobbles. I haven’t purposefully bent it and I don’t recall sitting on it (however I in all probability have). So why is that this one bending? I have a concept: It may need one thing to do with it being each very skinny and very huge and manufactured from aluminum. The Samsung Galaxy Note3 is huge, however it’s additionally 4 mm thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus and doesn’t have an aluminum again that, when bent, stays bent. You don’t hear about massive Android telephones bending as a result of they're both too thick, or made out of plastic. That’s my principle, anyway.

He didn’t utterly dismiss the issue both and additionally said that the bending (bundled with a couple of scratches on the display) made him involved with the gadget’s sturdiness. Well performed. I assume Mat was very reasonable together with his concern. On the different hand, I’d be utterly shocked if any system I was given to evaluate simply merely bent. It’s simply not regular in any respect, particularly from Apple, however perhaps we’re coping with a unique Apple now.

Apple even invited choose publications (Wall Street Journal, Re/code, and The Verge) into its personal stress check labs to point out the totally different sturdiness exams which might be carried out on iPhones earlier than the remaining designs attain the public. Hey Apple, you’re testing it incorrect?

According to Re/code, Apple put about 15,000 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models via an “exhaustive” testing course of earlier than giving the launch a inexperienced mild. Either means, between the handful of associated exams that might trigger the telephone to bend, Apple apparently didn't discover the issue.

Consumer Reports also published its own stress test article/video. It put a number of units by means of what appeared to be a official collection of checks, however they failed to check the particular space in query. If you set almost any object in the similar place as any of the telephones in the check, you’ll obtain comparable outcomes. Things will bend if you bend them. Consumer Reports wasn’t trying to debunk the proven fact that Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus bends, however that it’s not as straightforward as Hilsenteger made it appear.


See the bend in the precise drawback space? This is from Consumer Reports’ “bend check.”

There’s one drawback although, you’re testing it improper. According to Consumer Reports, it took ninety kilos of strain to bend (or deform) the iPhone 6 Plus. Keep in thoughts, this was proper in the middle of the system. Had they utilized drive in the similar “drawback space,” as described a number of occasions in a few Hilsenteger’s movies, the Plus would have folded beneath the strain. Though, even when bent proper in the middle, the iPhone 6 Plus confirmed issues at the similar fracture level Hilsenteger had beforehand described.


Consumer Reports’ bend check outcomes.

It’s additionally loopy to assume that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are almost half as sturdy as the earlier era in the Consumer Reports testing. You’d assume that may be the main headline. It’s not fairly 50 % weaker, however how typically do you buy a subsequent-era product that doesn’t maintain up in addition to the earlier one? Don’t all of us anticipate the new model of one thing to be higher than its predecessor in each method potential? Seems like a step backwards for my part.

Throughout the center of the Plus, it bent simply as you’d usually anticipate, however the weak level nonetheless confirmed indicators of failure with out being touched. Take a take a look at the picture above and you’ll discover a harsh bend proper beneath the quantity buttons. It might be a small fold in the aluminum, however it’s precisely what has been described as being the issue.


iPhone 6 Plus drawback space lacks reinforcement (by way of iFixit).

I’m not a product engineer and I don’t declare to know all the things concerned with the iPhone design and manufacturing departments, however there's one facet that’s very clear. In the picture above, you’ll discover the “chrome steel and titanium inserts to strengthen excessive stress places” simply as Apple has claimed. The drawback is, there are not any reinforcements in the location that sparked BendGate. Check out iFixit’s teardown for a closer look at the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m not saying this was achieved deliberately, however for my part it’s a design issue that’s not being addressed. If you head over to this Imgur piece revealed by alleras4 (by way of Business Insider), there’s a reasonably prolonged principle on what might be inflicting this bending issue as nicely. I haven't any strategy to affirm these findings, however the rationalization appears to is sensible. Perhaps we’ll see Apple quietly tackle the issue by reinforcing the iPhone 6 designs at the manufacturing degree. Silently updating elements to deal with points with the first batch of latest merchandise is something we’ve seen Apple do many times before.

Most of the “scientific” stress checks I’ve seen present a machine trying to bend the iPhone in the lifeless-middle of its bottom. If you attempt and manipulate something at its strongest level, it’s going to carry up higher. That appears to be the case with all of the “skilled” checks I’ve seen so far. Though “skilled” doesn't all the time equal out to a shopper’s expertise and that’s undoubtedly the case right here. Most individuals gained’t have this issue with the iPhone 6 Plus, however it’s there and it will have an effect on some models underneath sure circumstances. As Anthony Kosner from Forbes put it, “The consumer is unpredictable so the product has to be predictable.”

Instagram Photo

Soon after Hilsenteger’s video made its viral rounds on the Internet, a whole lot of individuals began to query the video’s authenticity, whereas others started to utterly disregard his findings and even go so far as identify calling. Are we in second grade or one thing? I’m a fan of a number of the websites under, however I was stunned at how everybody was appearing in the direction of the complete state of affairs.

There’s no method this video is pretend, however some argued that the distinction in time proven on the iPhone’s lock display (altering between photographs) left some inquiries to be answered. It was an straightforward out for lots of people. If this have been a hoax, nobody must proceed reporting the dangerous information and greatness would be restored in Appleville.

In mild of the claims that his video was “pretend,” Hilsenteger took a digital camera and an iPhone 6 Plus to the streets together with a couple of witnesses and performed an uncut public bend test. The outcomes have been the very same as his earlier video. In reality, this iPhone 6 Plus appeared to offer a bit simpler. End of story, proper? Nope. The iPhone clearly bends beneath particular strain, however that’s not the level. We’ve already decided that issues bend.

Let’s ignore the information proper now. I’d wish to dig into one thing a bit deeper than simply debunking claims that the iPhone 6 Plus bends. Random iPhone consumers had the iPhone 6 Plus bend whereas of their pockets, however perhaps that’s only a one-off issue for “9” individuals. My beef is with the individuals deliberately being disrespectful in the direction of Hilsenteger and avoiding the issue with out truly performing any checks themselves. Yet they’ll publish this bend check video all day lengthy simply to dismiss it with their opinion.

First up, we've the nicely-revered John Gruber calling Lewis Hilsenteger a “jackass“:

I can't consider that this “bent iPhone 6 Plus” factor is turning into a factor. Watch this jackass’s video — inexplicably promoted by Time journal. Should not we be amazed that his telephone didn’t snap in half beneath this strain? That the glass didn’t fracture? Under strain like this, bending however not breaking looks like an extraordinary function. If you are feeling strain like this in your iPhone 6 in your pocket, you want looser pants. And if you set your telephone in your again pocket and sit on it, I’m unsure what to inform you.

If it’s such a dumb video and he's such a jackass, then why did you hassle linking to something associated? Generally, when individuals resort to call calling, it’s as a result of they’re not loaded with sufficient proof to defend their aspect of the story. Hilsenteger is simply displaying us how/the place the telephone bends, however he’s not a jackass for doing so. Just take it for what it’s for value. Gruber goes so far as calling the bendable properties “a function.” Are you kidding me? A function? Regardless of that loopy opinion, he has no proper to name somebody a jackass, until in fact you will have pores and skin in the Apple recreation, proper?

Here’s one other pleasant remark from Dan Frommer on Twitter:

Sorry, I’m simply having hassle understanding why these respectable adults have the proper to speak like this with out backing their phrases with precise outcomes.

We get it, you assume it’s foolish. Trust me, I’m on the similar web page. This entire iPhone bending that is type of foolish when you consider it. Apple is now changing certified units. Is this a silent admission of fault from Apple? In my opinion, sure. Will they ever come out and say that they made a mistake and launched a flawed gadget? Probably not. Maybe the iPhone 6 Plus J may have additional reinforcement?

The Washington Post spoke with SquareTrade who claimed that it took a “bodybuilder and licensed private coach” to bend an iPhone 6 Plus, whereas an common worker struggled to take action. They carried out an unscientific check (very similar to Hilsenteger’s video), however with a nicely-constructed worker stating that he was the solely individual of their workplace able to bending the iPhone 6 Plus. No disrespect, however Hilsenteger is just not a physique builder. He’s an common man.


This is Pace Lu, a bodybuilder. According to SquareTrade, solely he was capable of bend the iPhone 6 Plus.

From The Washington Post:

Employee Jessica Hoffman — a 5′ 4″ pianist who, like her colleagues, “considers herself robust,” the firm stated — couldn’t make it budge, even when making use of direct strain to the weakest a part of the telephone, close to the quantity buttons. But her colleague Pace Lu, a bodybuilder and licensed private coach who can bench 405 lbs., bent the telephone “fairly simply” stated Ty Shay, SquareTrade’s chief advertising officer.

So why is everybody taking purpose at Hilsenteger? You’re entitled to have an opinion, however maybe there’s an rationalization for lots of this.

It’s obvious that a few of these websites are in Apple’s entrance pocket; a spot the place many want to be and few take as a right. People are definitely entitled to their very own opinion, however I don’t consider they'll voice actual opinions if it goes towards Apple’s unwritten legal guidelines.

As we’ve reported in a current article uncovering Apple’s PR strategies, there are a number of publications who will be first in line to glorify and defend Apple. The choices are to defend Apple’s valuable merchandise or miss out on a keynote invitation and a assessment unit. Most publications can’t afford to lose this relationship in order that they both keep quiet or proceed to drink the Apple Kool-Aid and stick up for the superior and flawless iPhone 6 Plus.

Take The Verge for instance. Correct me if I’m fallacious, however I don’t consider The Verge even revealed Hilsenteger’s video or any preliminary shopper complaints on the drawback. Yet they picked up protection on the defending finish and ran the Consumer Reports story, Apple’s official statement, and the journey to Apple’s stress check labs which The Verge occurred to be invited to see. Why would they keep away from overlaying the alleged issue, however shortly struggle again with protection to dismiss it? In the phrases of our own Mark Gurman, “Apple feeds the writers who will do its bidding, and starves the ones who gained’t comply with its messaging.” If you’re not going to play ball with Apple, they'll kick you out of the circle of belief. The Verge determined to play ball.

Instagram Photo

While skipping the preliminary BendGate protection, The Verge thought it would be cute to first post a Banana bend test. Maybe they have been simply making an attempt to loosen up the state of affairs, however from the small paragraph and video, it appeared like they have been mocking it greater than something. So with out protection of the preliminary drawback, The Verge adopted up with supporting proof (from Apple and Consumer Reports) that the iPhone 6 Plus doesn't have an issue.

Obviously, it’s not about visitors for these main publications. They don’t need to current Apple in a unfavourable mild. Doing so might end in being placed on Apple’s blacklist. It’s simply unhappy that a few of them resort to disrespectful phrases and mocking over analyzing at the precise issue. I’m positive most of them have the assets to run unbiased checks.

Pocket-Lint additionally went on Apple’s defensive side for BendGate. Interestingly sufficient, the website embedded Hilsenteger’s video in two totally different articles associated to the matter, however was fast to dismiss the claims with a easy answer: “don’t put your iPhone 6 Plus into the entrance pocket of your trousers or denims.” Really? So now I can’t put a telephone in my pocket? That appears foolish.

Along with that, Pocket-Lint was additionally one in every of the first to say that the whole video was a hoax (together with a Reddit thread publicized by Business Insider claiming the similar). Pocket-Lint’s article begins describing Apple’s official assertion on the matter, then continues by stating the inconsistencies they believed would show the video to be pretend. This accusation together with a number of feedback on YouTube, tweets, and comparable articles prompted Hilsenteger to create a brand new and uncut model of this bend check to place these allegations to relaxation.


From Hilsenteger’s uncut bend check video.

Forbes is one among the few publications that objectively checked out BendGate. Anthony Kosner’s article was unbiased and pointed to legitimate factors on each side of the fence. Hilsenteger made the video as a result of he assumed it would achieve a good quantity of consideration, however it was additionally to assist inform potential consumers of an issue that would have an effect on the iPhone 6 Plus; Apple provided reporters a glance into its personal testing labs and Consumer Reports ran a collection of bend checks to show the iPhone 6 Plus was a troublesome and examined gadget. Though as Kosner identified, each Apple and Consumer Reports have been testing the improper factor. Either means, we all know it will bend and that’s solely a small a part of the issue at this level.

So what’s the actual drawback right here? Well, as an alternative of taking a look at the precise issue at hand, it appears that the mainstream tech media would moderately protect its relationship with Apple. It’s humorous how this “recreation” works. Even although BendGate isn’t one thing that may have an effect on everybody’s gadget, it’s nonetheless an issue that was related sufficient to seize the consideration of almost each main publication, information outlet, trigger a social media and PR storm for Apple, and achieve the consideration of over forty five million individuals on a single YouTube video. Everyone is so afraid of getting their Apple card revoked that they'll as an alternative flip to finger pointing and identify calling to take the blame away from Apple or hold quiet and save their seat in the subsequent keynote.

Instagram Photo

Another main drawback that was lately delivered to my consideration is the incontrovertible fact that some individuals are deliberately bending the 6 Plus to show some extent. Keep in thoughts, that is occurring after Hilsenteger’s video blew up. There is completely no have to intentionally bend an iPhone 6 Plus now. Stop it. It gained’t make issues any higher. For these which are truly having an issue, let the Apple Store know and they may deal with it.

I love Apple. I’m an enormous fan of its merchandise and providers. I personal a Mac Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. I love it once they do nice issues, however I’ll additionally be the first to level out the flaws. BendGate has not affected me at this level and I haven't any plans to return my iPhone 6 Plus due to what I’ve seen or heard. If I occur to expertise bending with my 6 Plus, I’ll undoubtedly converse out about it and take it up with the Apple Store for additional inspection. I wouldn’t let any of this noise get in the method of buying an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. It’s not going to only bend proper out of the field. In reality, it possible gained’t occur to most individuals.

Instagram Photo

Thousands of flawed merchandise are launched yearly, however Apple occurs to be in a focused place. There’s a normal of high quality to be anticipated from an Apple product and some consider that the iPhone 6 Plus misses the mark. Is BendGate an actual issue? Definitely. Will your gadget be affected by it? Likely not.

It simply looks like extra of us ought to be targeted on what’s higher for the people on the market in the world. The one that is spending $600-$900 of their arduous-earned cash on a telephone that they plan to maintain for one to 2 years. Instead it looks like lots of people are searching for his or her loyalty to those main corporations as an alternative. Who are we working for? The People or the manufacturers?

Apple owes us a truthful rationalization of the weak spot of the system and the plan on addressing it in the future.  Like Antennagate, individuals who ACCIDENTALLY bend their iPhones ought to get repairs paid for. That ought to occur whether or not it is that this month or 24 months into possession. Apple also needs to not penalize publications for investigating and asking questions about the high quality of their units. 

Here’s the unique BendGate video in case you’ve one way or the other missed it:

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