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No, Twitter’s update won’t make all your replies public

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No, Twitter’s update won’t make all your replies public

Take into account that time Twitter introduced some upcoming adjustments to its social media platform and the web misunderstood the corporate's complicated weblog submit? That used to be a laugh, proper? Just right occasions, just right occasions.

By way of now you'll have heard that Twitter's got a few changes within the works. Principally, the corporate's rolling out new options that may give everybody a complete 140 characters of textual content in each and every Tweet — @names, photographs and different media attachments, and extra won't count against your precious 140 characters.

That is all superb and dandy, however the corporate additionally introduced some other exchange that is environment the web ablaze with Twitter-is-doomed-and-or-confusing-hot-takes:

Good-bye, .@: Those adjustments will lend a hand simplify the principles round Tweets that get started with a username. New Tweets that start with a username will succeed in all your fans. (That suggests you'll be able to now not have to make use of the ".@" conference, which individuals recently use to broadcast Tweets widely.) If you wish to have a respond to be noticed through all your fans, it is possible for you to to Retweet it to sign that you simply intend for it to be seen extra widely.

Lately, in the event you sort a brand new Tweet with an individual's Twitter manage originally, it is going to cover that Tweet from those that practice you — until additionally they practice the individual you have got discussed.

This Tweet, as an example, can best be noticed by way of individuals who apply each me and my friend A.J. Feather:

However this Tweet (as a result of the era) may also be noticed via everybody who follows A.J., without reference to whether or not they apply me:

When Twitter finishes rolling out the update, that is going to switch. However we've got were given to get one thing immediately, right here, other folks: This doesn't suggest that Twitter is making all your replies public.

This is how the brand new respond regulations paintings:

  • In case you get started a brand new Tweet from scratch and put any person's Twitter manage originally (like the primary Tweet above), everybody who follows you'll see that Tweet.
  • In case you respond to a Tweet, then again, your respond will best be noticed by way of the ones individuals who practice that individual and also you, identical to ahead of. It does now not mechanically stick all your replies into your pals' Twitter timelines.
  • Now, should you do need everybody to peer your respond, Twitter's made it imaginable to Retweet and Quote-tweet your self. You simply need to Retweet your respond, and it is going to display up in your timeline.

Individually, I am keen on this modification. The put-a-period-in-front-of-a-Twitter-handle-for-everyone-to-see-your-reply means used to be all the time slightly hacky and it positive as hell wasn't new-user pleasant. Twitter's CEO says those adjustments are all about ease of use (i.e. new-user friendliness):

However given all the confusion (and outrage) this morning after the adjustments have been introduced, it's a must to wonder whether this may really make issues any more uncomplicated. Is hanging a era in entrance of a Twitter manage more uncomplicated than keeping an eye on whether or not you hit respond or get started a recent Tweet? Exhausting to inform. Something's needless to say, Twitter may just shift the textual content in a Tweet two pixels to the appropriate and the web would have one thing to mention about it.

Did Twitter's announcement confuse you? Are you taking a look ahead to the brand new respond regulations? Tell us within the feedback or ship us a (new) Tweet on Twitter!


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