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Nielsen will track which set-top boxes you use for streaming TV

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Nielsen will track which set-top boxes you use for streaming TV

Nielsen, which tracks viewership for tv presentations, amongst different issues, will quickly holiday out its utilization knowledge for streaming set-top boxes through logo and tool sort. With this knowledge, networks will be capable of see, for example, what number of people are gazing a display on an Apple TV, Chromecast, or Xbox One.

From Variety:

The knowledge will allow Nielsen shoppers track what number of houses around the u . s . personal TV-hooked up units, which units they personal and what kind of time shoppers spend with them general. For Nielsen-tracked TV content material, the corporate stated, media consumers will have the ability to track software viewing by way of tool.

The corporate will additionally release a brand new Total Use of Television metric. This provides the use of streaming units to extra conventional tv gazing to offer a greater image of a house's viewing behavior.

Nielsen already tracks the entire viewing performed on hooked up set-top boxes for all the TV content material that it measures. This new step breaks down much more knowledge for TV networks. Neilson's new metrics will be to be had for shoppers beginning April 25.


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