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Neko Atsume game guide: How to collect all the cats!

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Neko Atsume game guide: How to collect all the cats!

The fastest method to get the maximum gold fish and collect infrequent cats!

Neko Atsume is a cat collector game. However, you do not get to puppy or play with those little fur balls. All you'll be able to do is put out toys and meals, and hope they grace your backyard with their presence. So, what is the level in enjoying? I... do not in point of fact know. There's something addictive about working out which cats like which toys — and its at all times a phenomenal wonder whilst you open the game and new cats are putting out for your backyard.

In case you are new to Neko Atsume, or you are caught attempting to get one remaining infrequent cat or one remaining Momento, we've got were given a game information that can can help you out.

Enlarge your backyard ASAP

While you first get started enjoying Neko Atsume, there are simplest 5 spots. It is vital to free up the backyard growth so to building up that quantity to 10. The extra spots you will have, the extra toys you'll be able to position. The extra toys you put, the extra cats you're going to draw in.

To earn the 180 gold fish wanted on your backyard growth, you'll be able to want to building up your chocolates with as many gold-yielding toys as conceivable. There's no legitimate record of toys that convey the maximum gold, however I have spotted that the following cheap toys have a tendency to yield upper silver and gold returns, relying on the cat (500 silver fish may also be traded for 10 gold):

  • Zebra Grass Machine (90 silver fish)
  • Inexperienced Cushion (100 silver fish)
  • Yellow Cushion (100 silver fish)
  • Thick Cooling pad (130 silver fish)
  • Nature Tent (170 silver fish)

Check out to acquire these things early on so as to briefly generate as a lot gold as conceivable.

Other cats choose other chocolates, however with a well-rounded backyard, you'll be able to attract the regulars with out effort. Take an image of them as you spot them, so they're more straightforward to determine in the long term. Plus, your Catbook appears a lot better when each and every tom cat has a face.

Do not waste gold on pricey meals, particularly now not to start with. Frisky Bits, which prices 30 silver fish for a three-pack, generates extra gold over the years than the others. Persist with Frisky Bits and fill up your bowl each six hours.

Whenever you get started specializing in amassing infrequent cats, you'll be able to experiment with fancier meals, however infrequent cats don't seem to be choosy eaters both, so do not squander pricey foods on them. It may now and again be some way to trap them sooner, however it is not a need.

Reworking is vital

Increasing your backyard is simplest a part of the procedure. You'll be able to additionally need to spend the large dollars reworking your panorama. Other landscapes appear to draw cats in additional ceaselessly. Although I have not unlocked all of the remodels but, I discovered that the Zen Lawn is the maximum profitable for attracting cats to each conceivable spot in the backyard. I like to recommend spending your subsequent 140 gold fish on the Zen Lawn.

Cats also are inquisitive via nature. So, it's really helpful to have a few remodels for your pocket. You could get started seeing a commonplace cat that hadn't come round shortly if you happen to alternate the panorama.

Wait till there aren't any cats for your backyard sooner than you put a transform. In a different way, everybody in the backyard will disappear and you'll be able to simplest obtain one silver fish from each and every of them.

Your first transform will simplest price 140 gold fish, however after that, reworking is going up to 280, so make a selection correctly.

Word: The reworking retailer is held in a unique spot than the Chocolates. Faucet Menu, Different, after which Transform.

Maximize your house

As your coffers develop with extra silver and gold fish, be certain to have a couple of multi-cat Chocolates mendacity round. For instance, the Cat City can grasp up to six cats throughout two areas (Huge pieces absorb two areas in the backyard). The Stump Area and all of the Cubes can space two cats in a single spot. Extra cats imply extra fishy items.

In finding the ones infrequent cats (spoiler alert)

As soon as your backyard is about up, you'll be able to get started spending your gold and silver fish on pieces that may draw in infrequent cats. You'll be able to briefly understand that the first two dozen or so cats are in a position and prepared to talk over with your backyard. However, there are semi-rare cats and infrequent cats that take just a little additional coaxing to convey round.

Here's a record of a few of the chocolates (however now not all) that each and every infrequent cat prefers:

Semi infrequent

  • Peaches - Cat City
  • Apricot - Inexperienced Cushion
  • Ganache - Toy Pill
  • Macchiato - Mister Dragonfly
  • Melange - Cardboard Cafe


  • Joe DiMeowgio - Baseball
  • Senior Don Gato - Mister Mouse
  • Xerxes IX - Zanzibar Cushion
  • Chairman Meow - Earthenware Pot
  • Saint Purrtrick - Silk Crepe Pillow
  • Ms. Fortune - Cardboard Area
  • Bob the Cat - Cat City
  • Conductor Whiskers - Cardboard Choo-choo
  • Tubs - all meals apart from Thrifty Bits
  • Mr. Meowgi - Scratching Log
  • Woman Meow-Meow - Sumptuous Hammock
  • Man Bushy - Glass Vase
  • Kathmandu - Temari Ball
  • Ramses the Nice - Pyramid Tent
  • Sassy Fran - Cardboard Cafe
  • Billy the Kitten - Cowboy Hat
  • Frosty - Snowy Pillow
  • Jeeves - Fairy-tale Parasol
  • Sapphire - Fairy-tale Parasol
  • Bengal Jack - Luxurious Treasure Field
  • Whiteshadow - Bonita Bitz
  • Hermeowne - Egg Mattress (Night time View)

All of the semi-rare and infrequent cats approve of Frisky bits. You'll draw in a few of them sooner with fancier meals, even though. For instance, Woman Meow-Meow enjoys Sashimi, whilst Sapphire, Jeeves, and Bengal Jack choose Deluxe Tuna Bits. Word that Whiteshadow is the simplest infrequent cat this is attracted particularly via meals. He does not handle toys, and looks in the background, like a ninja cat.

Get the ones Day-to-day Rewards

It is probably not a lot, however you'll be able to earn a couple of silver and gold fish each and every week if you happen to publish the day by day password. After you publish 5 passwords, you'll be able to earn a can of Ritzy Bits and the password assortment begins over.

Faucet Menu, Information, the Day-to-day Password, after which Enter Password.

Mementos display they care

Every cat will convey you a different little present someday, possibly it's going to be a freshly laundered handkerchief or a Cicada pores and skin. It's each and every cat's method of claiming thanks.

The way in which to get a cat to convey you a Souvenir is to get it to talk over with so much. They're going to want to talk over with anyplace from 10 to 15 instances sooner than they'll convey you one thing (even though I have heard that Sapphire has been identified to convey a souvenir after her first talk over with and Rascal takes a minimum of 20 visits). In case you understand any cats that have not introduced you a Souvenir but, take a look at their web page in the Catbook and position a number of of the Chocolates on their best 3 record for your backyard to be sure they seem extra ceaselessly.

To peer which Mementos you have already got, faucet Menu, Cats, after which Mementos.

What are energy ranges anyway?

Energy ranges decide which cats have playtime precedence. If one cat has a better energy stage than any other, it's going to take over the use of a Goodie. If you'll be able to't appear to draw in a decrease energy stage cat, it is most certainly as a result of a better stage one helps to keep taking over all the house.

Purchasing wallpapers in the Gallery

In Neko Atsume, you're rewarded via extra than simply mementos left via cats. You'll additionally purchase high-resolution wallpapers of your favourite cats. Every wallpaper prices 20 gold fish. Now not all wallpapers are to be had immediately. You'll free up the skill to purchase them "as you meet positive stipulations."

For instance, you could free up a wallpaper via having Snowball talk over with your backyard 100 instances, or have Speckles talk over with 50 instances. Some wallpapers free up whilst you obtain mementos from cats like Frosty or Bengal Jack. If you are going to buy numerous chocolates (21 pages price), you'll be able to be much more likely to free up wallpapers that experience explicit cats in them.

You'll in finding wallpapers via tapping Menu, Store, after which Gallery.

Bonus pointers!

  • You'll kick a cat off of a Goodie if you need to unfastened it up to in all probability welcome a unique cat with a decrease energy stage. Faucet the merchandise for your Chocolates garage to take away it from the backyard. Then faucet it once more to position it. The former cat will disappear (gifting you a unmarried silver fish).

  • Tubbs is simply too lazy to cross inside of to consume the meals, so if you do not want him to end off your pricey meals too speedy, put it indoors.

  • Tubbs will cross inside of underneath one circumstance: the Large Cushion. In case you position the Large Cushion indoors, put Frisky Bits (or one thing dearer) in the indoor bowl and depart the out of doors bowl empty, or simplest fill it with Thrifty Bits, he's going to climb inside of and make himself at house on his favourite cushion.

  • Frosty has a straw coat. When she comes to talk over with you out of doors, she's going to put on her coat. When she visits inside of, she's going to take it off.

  • Frosty has the lowest energy stage of all cats in Neko Atsume (up to now), so she's going to hardly talk over with. If any other cat is already sitting on the Snowy Pillow, she may not come round. You'll take a look at kicking off different cats to take a look at to draw in her.

  • Snow on the floor has not anything to do with Frosty. It additionally has not anything to do with actual existence climate patterns. It's merely a function that the developers at Hit Level determined to upload in a game update.

  • Whiteshadow will keep for your backyard, even after a transform. So, when he seems, you'll be able to transfer yards and grasp an image of him with all of your transform backgrounds.

  • Even supposing the Nightview Egg Mattress is supposed for a unmarried cat, Hermeowne will sign up for any other cat in the mattress. She in point of fact likes that comfy corner.

Any secrets and techniques?

Neko Atsume has a wealth of secrets and techniques to uncover and there's no legitimate method to play it. Be at liberty to proportion your best possible practices for attractive infrequent cats and getting the maximum gold fish.

Up to date Septebmer 2017: Added pointers for attracting Hermeowne.


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