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Moom windowing utility terrorized off the Mac due to patent litigation

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Moom windowing utility terrorized off the Mac due to patent litigation

Moom is a Mac utility that permits you to "transfer, zap, and zoom" app home windows and do a couple of different to hand issues. No less than it did.

Moom used to be simply got rid of from the retailer due to a patent that, I child you now not, claims possession of "positioning home windows on a display by the use of a grid". Yeah, I'm going to pause when you end screaming.

From the Many Tricks blog:

This night we won realize that Moom is in violation of US patent quantity 8434019, Equipment and way for positioning home windows on a show. Sure, anyone has patented positioning home windows on a display by means of a grid. Given we now have been notified of a patent violation, we don't have any selection however to take away Moom from sale, efficient instantly.

Clearly, I am not an highbrow assets attorney and can not talk to the specifics of this situation, however to the rationally minded, some of these come off as whole bullshit. Normally, patent trolls will have to feel embarrassment about themselves. So will have to the USPTO for merely granting any software, regardless of how obtrusive, and regardless of how voluminous the prior artwork, and leaving it to be found out in crushing, every so often bankruptcy-inducing litigation for the indie developers concerned.

Optimistically, any person at the EFF can lend a hand. Or Apple, Google, Microsoft, and the like may just arrange some type of mixed protection a laugh for apps of their collective market that would function a deterrent for frivolous patent litigation towards smaller, extra prone developers.


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