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Meganoid (2017) Review: A retro-style platformer with some glaring flaws

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Meganoid (2017) Review: A retro-style platformer with some glaring flaws

Despite the fact that it boasts top replay worth and nice taking a look graphics, Meganoid (2017) is some distance from best.

Orange Pixel's Meganoid (2017) is largely a remake of its unique name Meganoid that got here out a number of years in the past. Whilst the sport does a really perfect task at turning in a difficult and fast moving platformer, it fails to offer tender and out there gameplay for all gamers.

Tale & Environment

Having a restricted tale and even no tale in any respect is lovely not unusual in platformers, and I wasn't anticipating a lot other in Meganoid (2017). Now, complete disclosure, I did not get very a long way within the recreation (extra on that later), this means that it is imaginable the tale may well be flushed out if you are making it additional than I did.

While you first load up the sport, you're greeted with some textual content at the display that explains you could have been summoned to mend an issue that lies deep inside the titular spaceship referred to as the Meganoid. With out a lot additional rationalization — equivalent to what the issue may well be — you are despatched into the decks under to fend for your self.

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Let's get the most obvious out of the best way first, on-screen controls for platformers are normally lovely dangerous, and sadly, Meganoid (2017) follows go well with.

"The default place and measurement for the on-screen buttons are completely atrocious."

The default place and measurement of the on-screen buttons are completely atrocious. I will be able to't believe how any person may just play the sport in that configuration. Although you'll be able to modify the dimensions and location of the buttons, I nonetheless had a troublesome time hitting the correct spot. I attempted making the controls as massive as I may just and shifting them, round to a couple of other puts at the display, however without reference to how a lot I changed them, it looked like the touch-zones have been nonetheless too small to provide me right kind comments.

All hope is not misplaced with regards to controls although as the sport is Mfi controller suitable, so when you have a type of kicking round, I strongly recommend you employ it. With out an exterior controller, be ready for a lot of frustration as you'll surely press the mistaken button, or leave out the buttons touch-zone solely on a large number of events. Rant over.

The gameplay itself is slightly slightly easy. You wish to have to delve deeper into the send, whilst fending off enemies and accumulating pieces and power-ups, to seek out the teleporter pad to advance to the following degree.

The pieces you in finding that will help you alongside your means can do all kinds of more than a few duties. Some pieces are guns intended that will help you defeat enemies, whilst different pieces are key playing cards that will let you hack into computer systems and building up the selection of lives you've got. What is in reality cool about Meganoid (2017) is you shouldn't have to gather any pieces if you do not want. You'll be able to simply check out the method of simply looking for the go out to the following degree as temporarily as imaginable. This makes the sport extra interesting to a much broader staff of players. Whilst I might believe myself a collect-it-all form of individual, I liked the concept I did not really feel like I had to gather the entirety to get additional within the recreation.

The excellent news is the rogue-like nature of the sport makes Meganoid (2017) keep recent. You'll be able to by no means in finding the similar power-u.s.and pieces in the similar spot, because of this you'll be able to all the time need to discover a new approach of having puts, warding off enemies, and achieving the following degree.

As you move during the procedurally-generated ranges of Meganoid (2017), it turns into increasingly more obvious that timing is the whole thing. Bounce a 2d too quickly? Recreation Over. Hesitate to transport for a 2d? Recreation Over. I were given used to seeing the Recreation over display extra occasions than I might see the You Died display in Darkish Souls, and when you've got ever performed Darkish Souls, you already know that is pronouncing one thing.

"I were given used to seeing the Recreation Over display extra occasions than I might see the You Died display in Darkish Souls."

Tremendous-challenging iOS platformers don't seem to be unusual — consider Star Knight — however the problem degree in Meganoid (2017) is during the roof, in reality, I might even say it borders on insane. Players who love a problem can be overjoyed to after all get their palms on a recreation that fits their talent degree; then again, informal players or much less professional gamers would possibly in finding themselves annoyed with the sport far more than they're playing it.

Design & Sound

If you are partial to the 16-bit graphics that you simply have been used to seeing at the vintage consoles of the previous — Tremendous Nintendo Leisure Gadget and Sega Genesis to call a pair — you'll be able to in reality dig the visible facets of Meganoid (2017).

"The whole thing appears love it used to be ripped out of the early 90s in the most productive imaginable means."

Orange Pixel knocked it out of the park making this recreation feel and appear like an old-school platformer, and appears stunning and unfashionable. To the tiny sprites that populate the display, to the HUD within the nook, the whole thing seems to be adore it used to be ripped out of the early 90s in the most productive imaginable approach.

The soundtrack is designed to be extra of an ambient soundscape greater than anything else, and it fades into the background filling its meant function. The sound results are slightly extra irritating they I would like in my video games. There's this one sound impact, particularly, that sounds love to a inventory zombie growl that performs each and every a number of seconds, even if there is not any discernible source. Now, I will be able to say this almost definitely stricken me a bit greater than it will have to have, however because it brought about me to play the sport on silent mode extra frequently than now not, I figured it used to be necessary to say.

My Verdict


  • Nice unfashionable graphics
  • Top replayability
  • Tremendous not easy


  • Finicky controls
  • Nerve-racking sound results
  • Tremendous tough

Meganoid (2017) is a bit of of a polarizing recreation as a result of its problem degree and on-screen regulate problems.

There's a lot to love about Meganoid (2017). It is a smooth-running, fast moving, beautifully-retro taking a look platformer that gives a tricky problem that some players will respect. The rogue-like gameplay approach you'll be able to replay the sport so much and not become bored. If any of this sounds interesting to you, Meganoid (2017) is usually a nice recreation for you.

In fact, if you are nervous concerning the clunky controls on most sensible of the problem as discussed previous the sport brings, I would not blame you for staying transparent.

Base line: Meganoid (2017) is a superbly serviceable platformer that may be a large number of a laugh, however is not groundbreaking by any means. Whether or not it is well worth the $4.99 obtain worth is a descision absolute best left as much as you.

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What do you assume?

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