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Magikarp Jump: Everything you need to know

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Magikarp Jump: Everything you need to know

The Pokémon Corporate has launched an off-the-cuff Pokémon recreation focused round Magikarp; this is the whole thing you need to know!

If you're uninterested in strolling round your town, making an attempt to catch all of the Pokémon in Pokémon GO, however are nonetheless taking a look to fulfill your Poké-thirst, you'll need to give the all-new Magikarp Bounce a check out.

If you're a participant of the Pokémon collection, you'll know that Magikarp is likely one of the lamest and maximum pathetic Pokémon in all of the collection; on the other hand, if there's something Magikarp can do smartly, it is leap round like a fish out of water. If you're a Pokémon fan or perhaps a informal recreation fan, there is a lot to love on this colourful and sentimental little recreation. Plus, it is already choosing up lots of five-star critiques; folks appear to be playing the simplicity of Magikarp Bounce! This is the entirety you need to know about Magikarp Leap!

The Purpose

The target in Magikarp Bounce is somewhat easy: to teach your Magikarp to bounce upper than all of the different Magikarp. You'll be able to need to lift your Magikarp's Leap Energy (JP) if you need to have an opportunity to win any competitions towards probably the most six leaping leagues. You'll be able to teach your Magikarp to achieve leaping talents, feed it, so it grows more potent and larger, or even enlist the assistance of any other acquainted Pokémon alongside the best way.

Fishing for a Magikarp

At the start of the sport, Mayor Karp may have you fish for the Magikarp to teach from the native pond. The primary Magikarp you get does not depart you a lot of a decision; you have to stay it. Later within the recreation, you could have to fish for extra Magikarp, however I'm going to contact on that somewhat later.

Feeding your Magikarp

Feeding your Magikarp is likely one of the primary tactics you can building up its JP and degree. Meals will seem at the house display (which is the pond your Magikarp lives in), and by way of tapping at the meals, your Magikarp will shawl it down. Each and every piece of meals will grant your Magikarp a undeniable choice of JP.

As your teacher degree is going up, you can be in a position to acquire other meals to feed your Magikarp. The upper the extent you are, the easier meals you should purchase. You'll be able to additionally use cash to improve the berries, which will increase the volume of JP they provide your Magikarp when fed on.

Coaching your Magikarp

Coaching your Magikarp is the opposite primary approach to building up its JP and degree. Similar to meals, you get started off with two several types of coaching — the bounce counter and the sandbag slam — and each and every time you teach, the learning approach shall be random.

Coaching supplies a miles upper quantity of JP than consuming meals does, however you can handiest teach your Magikarp the use of coaching issues. You will have a most of 3 coaching issues, which regenerate at a price of 1 level consistent with 30 mins.

Identical to meals, as your teacher ranges up, you can be in a position to acquire several types of coaching. The upper the extent you are, the easier coaching workouts you can purchase. You'll be able to additionally use cash to improve your present coaching workouts, which can building up the volume of JP they provide your Magikarp.

Random Encounters

All the way through the sport, folks will method you and your Magikarp to communicate, which can get started a random come upon. Maximum random encounters will lead to a favorable result — like refreshing your coaching issues or providing you some cash — however there are a pair that may have some damaging affects. There is not anything you can do to prevent them, so simply chill out and drift.

League Battles

After you have educated your Magikarp up somewhat bit, it is time to head to the league and struggle different running shoes for the name of Magikarp Coaching Grasp!

Scuffling with is simulated for you; all you need to do is inform your Magikarp to bounce, and it's going to Leap as top as it may possibly! If it jumps upper than your opponent's Pokémon, you win.

Profitable league battles is the easiest way to degree up your teacher's rank, which won't handiest give you get right of entry to to higher pieces, meals, and coaching workouts on the town but in addition lets in you to teach long run Magikarps to upper ranges!


When you have educated your Magikarp to its max degree, the sport will inform you it is time to win as many battles as imaginable prior to you retire Magikarp. You are going to then handiest be in a position to undergo league battles till you lose.

As soon as you lose a struggle with that maxed out Magikarp, you will retire the Pokémon and let it swim off into the sundown.

New Era

After a Magikarp has retired, your process is not finished! You'll be able to need to fish a brand new Magikarp out of the pond!

When you reel in a brand new Magikarp, you will realize that it has some bonuses hooked up to it — a motivation bonus and a person bonus. The incentive bonus would be the similar for each and every Magikarp, however the person bonus will exchange, that means you can spend diamonds to throw again the Magikarp and take a look at once more.

Diamonds are arduous to come through within the recreation, however some Magikarp have some lovely candy bonuses, so it is up to you to see if it is well worth the 10 diamonds to throw it again.

Pikachu and different friendships

Friendships with different Pokémon give your Magikarp massive bonuses, however they require a large number of diamonds to acquire. Thankfully, the sport does give you a friendship with Pikachu after you have performed for some time.

Pikachu may give your Magikarp a spice up in struggle by way of cheering (this may increasingly occur randomly) and in addition lend a hand you teach him via encouraging Magikarp to push itself. If you swim up to Pikachu along side your pond, he's going to give your Magikarp a host of loose JP! This skill does have a cooldown duration of 90 mins.

You'll be able to acquire new friendships from the diamond store and in addition improve previous friendships to scale back cooldown occasions. Now not all Pokémon will grant as a lot JP as Pikachu does, so make a selection to spend your diamonds correctly!

Cash and Diamonds

Cash and Diamonds are the 2 currencies in Magikarp Leap, they usually each play a significant position.

Cash are quite simple to in finding, and you'll get cash each and every time you beat a league fight and now and again thru random encounters. Cash are essentially used to purchase and improve coaching workouts and meals from the coin store on the town.

Diamonds are a lot more difficult to come through and are the top class foreign money in Magikarp Leap, that means you should purchase them with actual cash thru an in-app acquire. You are going to get some diamonds as you pass during the sport each and every time your teacher rank is going up. Diamonds are used to purchase decorations and friendships from the diamond store on the town.

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