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Lightroom: Everything you need to know!

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Lightroom: Everything you need to know!

Want to learn everything you need to know about Lightroom? We have you covered!

Adobe's Lightroom is the go-to digital photo workflow and editing application for many of today's professional photographers. But there are times when you might prefer to edit photos sitting on a sofa or a train seat rather than at a desk. The Lightroom iPad app lets you do just this… Lightroom has evolved into a powerhouse among mobile photo-editing apps. (Michael Muchmore, PC Mag)

Adobe Lightroom has been a photo editing favorite of iPad and iPhone users for a while now, and there's no reason it shouldn't be, with photo & video editing genius Adobe behind the reins.

It can be tricky to know what you're doing when you're playing around in Lightroom, as there are so many features to edit and tweak your photos with, and with updates that come out every couple of months to adapt to the newest tech and camera needs of customers, it can be difficult to traverse the Lightroom waters.

Here's everything you need to know about Lightroom!

Details Tabs, Selective Brushes, nimproved iPad interfaces, oh my!

There have been recent updates to Lightroom, including the introduction of tools like Selective Brush, the Details Tab, and new iPad and Android interfaces.

  • Selective Brush: This tool has been widely requested for a while, and now it finally comes to Lightroom! Using this tool, you can selectively paint in enhancements to any part of your image, and if you're using an iPhone that has 3D Touch, you can use different pressure to vary the intensity of the effect — same goes for Apple Pencil users with the iPad Pro!

  • Details Tab: The new Details Tab gives users global control over sharpening and the amount of noise there is in a photo.

  • New iPad and Android interfaces: The introduction of the iPad Pro made Adobe change things a bit with its interfaces, so the app can act as a straight-up laptop replacement for any photographer.

In the same vein, the app has been reformatted for Android, making it faster, more efficient, and in the words of Adobe, "more Android-y".

Every screen has been redesigned with the goal of ensuring a natural, native Android experience while providing the highest quality, professional-grade mobile photo editing app ever. (Adobe)

Anything else you wanna know?

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