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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – How to get warm clothes

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – How to get warm clothes

Hyperlink would possibly freeze to demise in the snowy mountains with out the Warm Doublet. This is how to get it.

Should you've been enjoying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for no less than a couple of hours, you will have almost definitely attempted to make the trek thru the snowy peaks of Mount Hylia. It is imaginable you have additionally frozen to dying making an attempt to commute thru the sour chilly.

You'll be able to prepare dinner dishes the use of Highly spiced Peppers to create foods that may briefly carry Hyperlink's frame temperature to lend a hand him navigate freezing temperatures. However, who needs to do this when you'll be able to discover a everlasting answer with a Warm Doublet. It is time to tackle the Previous Guy's Cooking Quest. This is how.

How to get started the Previous Guy's Cooking Quest

The very first thing you'll be able to want to do is head to the Previous Guy's cabin, which is in the southern area of the Nice Plateau, previous the Temple of Time.

Get started through rapid-touring to the Shrine of Resurrection, after which head southeast. For those who wander thru the hillside close to the River of the Lifeless, you'll be able to come throughout a campsite with two Bokoblins. Damage them and harvest the bounty of Highly spiced Peppers close by.

Then, make a b-line for the Previous Guy's cabin. While you get there, pass inside of and learn the Previous Guy's Diary. You'll be able to know about a dish that incorporates 3 elements. The Previous Guy references two of them, however has forgotten the remaining one. It is your process to in finding out what that final component is. Thankfully, he will provide you with a clue in the identify of the recipe, Highly spiced Meat and Seafood Fry.

How to in finding the recipe components

To make the Highly spiced Meat and Seafood Fry, you'll be able to want 3 elements, that are discovered round the Nice Plateau area.

  • Highly spiced Peppers - In the event you've adopted the proper trail, you have already were given the Highly spiced Peppers. They may be able to be present in the southeastern area, close to the River of the Lifeless or even additional south close to the Previous Guy's cabin.

  • Uncooked Meat - You'll be able to want to pass attempting to find the uncooked meat, which drops from Wild Boar, that are discovered grazing in the Wooded area of Spirits to the north. Ensure to get your palms on a bow and arrows sooner than making an attempt to take down a wild boar. They spook simply and can run away once they spot you. You'll be able to need to crouch first to sneak up to a wild boar. Then, purpose and shoot. For those who hit, the boar will nonetheless take off operating, however will run in a circle, permitting you to end the process a lot more uncomplicated. I like to recommend the use of a melee weapon for the 2d hit. Arrows do not develop on timber, you already know.

  • Hyrule Bass - The lacking component is, you guessed it, seafood. Hyrule Bass are best possible to catch in the frame of water close to the Oman Au Shrine. Rapid-trip there, then head down to the water close to the ruins. There are a couple of tactics to seize one of those guys, however I discovered the highest means is to merely shoot them with the bow and arrow.

How to prepare dinner the recipe

Upon getting all 3 components, you'll be able to want to discover a prepare dinner pot. The best way to do that is to head again to the Wooded area of Spirits and in finding the Previous Guy's campsite. That is simple to spot in case you are top on a hill overlooking the wooded area. His fireplace will billow a plume of smoke that you'll be able to use as your information.

For those who get to the campsite all the way through the day, the Previous Guy would possibly not be there, however you'll be able to make the recipe when you wait. You'll be able to want a torch. If you do not have already got one, there can be one close to the campfire. Gentle the torch and use it to gentle the fireplace beneath the prepare dinner pot.

Subsequent, get right of entry to your stock and navigate to your components tab. Make a selection one of the 3 components (press A). Then make a selection Hang. Then, make a selection the different two pieces. You will have to be protecting all 3 without delay.

Shut your stock (press B) and move to the prepare dinner pot. Drop the elements (make sure to are soaring over the prepare dinner pot so the components will fall into it.The components will jump round in the bowl for a couple of seconds, and can then develop into Highly spiced Meat and Seafood Fry.

How to industry your recipe for the Warm Dublet

Now that you've got a cooked meal, you'll be able to give it to the Previous Guy. The one position you'll be able to finish this quest is at the Previous Guy's Campsite in the Wooded area of Spirits.

If you are already there, however he isn't, this is because it is not middle of the night. Take a seat by way of the fireplace and make a selection Night time. You are going to velocity thru time till dusk. While you get up, the Previous Guy can be sitting via the fireplace. Communicate to him and industry him your recipe for his Warm Dublet.

Now put that comfy jacket on and head for the mountains. You have got some 'splorin' to do!

Any questions?

Have you ever completed the Previous Guy's cooking quest? Do you've gotten any guidelines or trick we will have to find out about? Put them in the feedback.


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