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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X tips and tricks: Defeat the Heartless with one blow!

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X tips and tricks: Defeat the Heartless with one blow!

Defeat the Heartless by way of strenthening your Keyblade — and different superior tips.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is in line with a model Sq. Enix's Kingdom Hearts online game collection at first playable best in Japan. In the storyline, this is a prequel journey. In it, you'll be able to move on quests, degree up your Keyblade, free up new and extra tough medals, which you'll be able to evolve, and release particular outfits on your avatar to put on.

There's a good deal to be informed in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, however we will be able to get you began on the trail to glory with those nice tips.

Backup to Fb

In case you have a Fb account, you'll be able to hyperlink it and save your recreation knowledge simply in case it's a must to delete the Kingdom Hearts recreation or transfer units. You'll be able to want to attach your account, and be logged into Fb inside of the recreation, prior to you delete it. After you reinstall the recreation, even though, you are able to migrate the knowledge all the way through the set up procedure and your stored recreation will probably be looking ahead to you.

It is one thing each and every Fb customers will have to do!

Discover the whole thing

On each and every Kingdom Hearts degree, there are common enemies and goal enemies. So long as you do not start a struggle with a goal enemy, you'll be able to discover the whole degree, on the lookout for treasures, munny, and Lux, that are revel in issues.

Some treasure chests yield Particular Assault issues, which lend a hand max out your gauge. Sure ranges will get started you off with 0 Particular Assault issues, so those treasures could be a lifestyles saver.

Load up your Keyblade with same-attribute medals

At the starting of each and every new global you discuss with, you are awarded a Keyblade, which is the weapon you employ to defeat enemies. Your Keyblade can grasp 5 medals (most effective 3 in the beginning). Medals are used to make stronger your fight and each and every one has a Particular Assault, generally to deal heavy injury or put the baddie to sleep or one thing.

Once imaginable, load your first Keyblade, the Starlight, with magic characteristic medals as a result of magic is more potent than energy on this recreation.

Keep in mind the following attributes:

  • Magic is more potent than energy
  • Energy is more potent than velocity
  • Velocity is more potent than magic.

Construct keyblades which are loaded with particular attributes early on with a purpose to defeat enemies with weaker ones. The primary 14 ranges don't have anything however energy creatures, so magic medals will paintings very best towards enemies.

Later, you will want to combine up your Keyblades just a little, combining attributes, however all the time test to peer what the goal enemy's characteristic is and use medals which might be robust towards it.

Degree up medals ceaselessly

You need to degree up medals once you get suitable medals to take action. Whilst in the Apparatus segment, faucet on a Keyblade medal to peer its stats. If it isn't maxed out to its very best degree, faucet Degree up to extend the power, protection, and particular assault worth.

You are going to use medals you've gotten earned via questing or ones you've got bought in the retailer to degree up. Drag a medal out of your bag to the leveling slot. You'll be able to best use medals that experience the similar attributes excluding Revel in, Spice up, Talent, and Value medals, which can be utilized throughout all attributes.

The best way to degree up a medal is to make use of the Optimize button. It's going to type the to be had medals into their suitable slot and all it's a must to do is faucet the Degree Up button.

Test between each and every degree that you simply play to peer if you'll be able to degree up any medals (throughout all your Keyblades). This may lend a hand make sure you are a success at finishing new missions.

Degree up often

You'll be able to improve your Keyblade via fusing sure fabrics to it. Fabrics are accrued all through quests while you open treasure chests or pick out up pieces alongside the approach. As your Keyblade will get more potent, it turns into harder to seek out the fabrics you wish to have, like Mythril shards and Orichalcum.

Test between quests incessantly to ensure your Keyblades are leveled up as top as you'll be able to get it with your present fabrics

Evolve medals asap

As soon as a medal is at its most degree, you'll be able to evolve it. However, you'll be able to want particular Evolve medals, which don't seem to be simple to return through. Evolve medals may also be present in Particular quests (like the Evolve Medals Particular quest), which most effective occur as soon as a week, or as uncommon drops when beating a Raid Boss. On very uncommon events, they have got been recognized to seem in common Tale quests (however this is very uncommon).

Know when use 'em

You obtain additional rewards for defeating all enemies in a quest with one flip each and every. This can also be simple to do in the event you stability your Particular Assaults and most effective use them when wanted.

You get started each and every quest with a selected selection of Particular Assault issues, ranging any place from 0 to so much. You must stay monitor of Particular Assault issues and use them correctly.

In the event you defeat an enemy or workforce of enemies in one flip, you'll be able to earn additional Particular Assault issues, so it's all the time sensible to take a look at to kill them in one spherical.

Do not use Particular Assaults on weaker enemies, like Shadow Heartless. Maximum of the time, in the first two dozen quests, you'll be able to save Particular Assaults for the ultimate goal.

Some Heartless enemies, like the Twister Step, can take a punch a lot more difficult and you'll have to use a Particular Assault to overcome them in one flip. You'll be able to be informed as you play which enemies would require a Particular Assault and which of them you'll be able to defeat with out losing issues.

When deciding which medal to make use of to accomplish a Particular Assault, take into consideration each and every medal's assault and how a lot it prices to make use of it. Some Particular Assaults value a large number of level and do not reason a large number of injury. In case you are operating low on issues, do not use the ones Particular Assaults.

Some medals do not value very a lot in any respect, however have very top assault values. Use those to lend a hand defeat more potent enemies.

Select your folks correctly

Prior to you get started each and every quest, take one "Good friend's" medal with you into struggle. An inventory will seem on the proper aspect of the display and you get to pick out which one you wish to have to take. Test for attributes, Particular Assaults, and power. It might be higher to take a medal that has a more potent characteristic than the goal enemy. However, additionally it is necessary to peer what the Particular Assault can do and how a lot it prices.

Birthday party time

Events are teams of actual lifestyles gamers that come in combination to speak about the recreation and lend a hand each and every different out towards Raid Bosses. Ultimately, you will want to sign up for a birthday party so you'll be able to get lend a hand towards tricky bosses.

You'll be able to probably wait till you might have finished the 15th quest ahead of deciding which birthday celebration to sign up for. This will provide you with time to determine what form of recreation taste you wish to have to be part of; both Informal, Core, or Hardcore.

Replay ranges

You'll be able to replay any quest for any explanation why, and this is a just right concept to take action in case you are caught on present quests. While you replay a quest, you'll be able to pick out up fabrics and earn Lux, all of which is helping you degree up your personality.

In case you did not whole all 3 achievements on a quest, replay it after you've gotten leveled up or advanced your medals, reinforced your Keyblade, and unlocked new medal slots on a given Keyblade. Likelihood is that, you'll be triumphant the place you failed ultimate time.

Test Particular quests

You'll be able to play the Kingdom Hearts in Tale mode, or glance up Particular quests. Those Particular quests are most effective to be had on sure days, and a few of them best pop up for an hour in keeping with day. So, you'll want to test in day by day (and each and every every so often thru out the day) to peer if there's a Particular quest you want to take a look at out. Specials are more difficult. The enemy goal is normally a lot upper degree and achievements may also be extra difficult than just defeating all enemies in one flip. Additionally they value much more AP, which is the power you spend as a way to play a degree. Some Particular quest APs are upper than the most APs you will have. Do not be concerned, you'll be able to earn extra as you play.


Do you've got any questions on getting began with Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ? Do you could have some tips that might lend a hand out new comers? Inform all in the feedback.


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