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Join the discussion: Why haven’t you switched to Android?

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Join the discussion: Why haven’t you switched to Android?

Is there a explanation why you haven't switched to Android but? Join the iMore boards dialogue and tell us the rhyme to your explanation why!

People who find themselves diehard Apple fans have been more than likely simply angry studying the name of this publish, however is there a real explanation why you haven't switched to Android?

I imply, Android is best popping out with better and better phones, so it might be foolish to say that the high quality is not the similar or that the options are terrible… So what gives?

Mike Tanasychuk
12-05-2016 09:47 AM

What assists in keeping you tethered to Apple? Have you considered switching to Android, however simply can not take the plunge? Perhaps you have a complete Apple ecosystem and switching to Android would wreck your float? Perhaps Android's intimidating? I have switched from side to side over the years, and despite the fact that iPhone is a laugh, one thing all the time assists in keeping me going again to Android (and my first smartphone used to be the iPhone...


Some other folks declare they did transfer however learned that they might ceaselessly be in an iPhone mentality

12-05-2016 11:59 AM

I've owned 4 Android units. When the use of my remaining one, the Moto X, I noticed I stored making an attempt to make my Android software carry out and appear to be an iPhone. I did not use widgets or any of the additional issues constructed into Android. I grew drained and bored of customizing my units. I simply need my software to figure out of the field. As well as fragmentation, disjointed UI, finiky battery lifestyles, and decrease high quality...


Whilst others say that their heart will always be with the iPhone, without reference to how fancy Android units get:

12-05-2016 03:48 PM

I have attempted others, however I all the time appear to come again to iPhone. Positive Android provides you extra freedom to customise this and that, root and tinker with issues. After some time I were given uninterested in all that. I simply need my phone and apps to do what they are intended to do. Upload in that iPhone performs nicer with my Mac, as the pronouncing is going "if it ain't broke do not repair it."


So if you had an opportunity to transfer from an iPhone to an Android, would you? If you visit the iMore forums, you can sign up for our dialogue and tell us what your opinion is. See you there!

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