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Join the discussion: What’s your “desert island” iPhone app?

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Join the discussion: What’s your “desert island” iPhone app?

In the event you have been caught on a wasteland island and most effective had get right of entry to to at least one app… Which might you pick out? Join the iMore boards and tell us which app you could not are living with out!

You will have almost certainly performed the "if you were stranded on a desert island?" recreation sooner than with pals, asking them which guide they would convey or what TV display they would watch or which BFF they would pack in case they have been stranded.

However what if you have to handiest deliver one app to the desert island? Which would you pick and why?

05-09-2017 03:52 PM

Other folks, Good enough bring to mind the ones wilderness island lists, and on this case I am supplying you with 1 app. Sure 1 app that you simply get on your phone. What would that be? For me it is Hoopla, and a provide of audio books to occupy my time! Additionally they have some movies and track that you'll be able to obtain too! I feel this might be PERFECT to make all that idle time more uncomplicated. So what about you guys? What's your wilderness...


Some other folks say that they might opt for a music streaming app… (Cella's word: Does Wi-Fi topic?)

05-09-2017 07:39 PM

Mine can be considered one of the song streaming apps.


Whilst others are like, "Duh, Safari!"

05-09-2017 08:23 PM

Can I make a selection Safari? Then I will be able to get to many stuff.


However when you had to pick out one app to have on a wasteland island, which would it be and why?!

Hop on into the iMore Boards and join our discussion! You'll be able to voice your opinion about what your best choice can be and why, meet and have interaction with different discussion board individuals, chat new releases and rumors, and so, so much more!

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