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Join the discussion: Real or fake? Do you think this could be the leaked iPhone 8 schematic?

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Join the discussion: Real or fake? Do you think this could be the leaked iPhone 8 schematic?

With all the rumors swirling round the iPhone 8, this schematic that is been leaked seems to be awfully fascinating… Join the dialogue on our boards and tell us what you think!

Each and every time a brand new iPhone launches, there is speculation over each and every little, teeny-tiny element: What does it appear to be? What is modified on the inside of? How a lot is it going to price? WHAT COLORS ARE THERE GOING TO BE?!

Whilst it is arduous to make a judgment on a phone that hasn't actually been released yet, we are fortunate sufficient to have some leakers who love to, smartly, leak – therefore considered one of our newest discussions in the boards:

James Falconer
04-27-2017 09:07 AM

Seems like a number of leakers were busy sharing a rumored schematic of the iPhone 8. I have pasted it beneath in your reference: 117949 What do you think? Real, or actual pretend? Are we taking a look at OLED right here??? :)


Some individuals are speculating that a form on the leaked design could point out wireless charging options...

04-28-2017 08:40 AM

Is that squircle for wireless charging? And please no fingerprint sensor on the again :straight-face:


Whilst others are providing up suggestions for the new iPhone, like including a Contact ID sensor to the Apple emblem…

05-01-2017 03:23 PM

They will have to put the Contact ID in the Apple emblem...


So what do you think? Do you think those leaked plans are actual or pretend? Do you think this could be the new iPhone 8, or is this a variety of nonsense?

Hop on in and join the discussion on our forums and percentage your ideas and emotions on this attainable iPhone 8 schematic ASAP!

Join the discussion on the iMore forum!


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