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Join the discussion: My iPhone 7 Plus (jet black) is stained! Help?

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Join the discussion: My iPhone 7 Plus (jet black) is stained! Help?

SOS! How do you repair a stained iPhone?! Bounce into the iMore boards and percentage your knowledge!

There don't seem to be many stuff which are worse than losing and cracking your iPhone display, however what about when your iPhone by accident will get stained? #THEHORROR.

Stains on an iPhone can also be brought about through quite a few issues; being in the case too lengthy, touch with overseas chemical compounds or merchandise, and so a lot more. However in the event you get a stain on your iPhone, how the heck are you intended to get it blank once more?!

Statik SA1
05-10-2017 02:46 PM Someone know the way this came about and easy methods to repair perhaps? A rainy fabric does no lend a hand


Some people have recommended using alcohol, however others are hesitant about what it would do on your iPhone's end…

05-10-2017 03:26 PM

Have you ever attempted alcohol? JUST a small quantity and frivolously rubbed. HOWEVER it sounds as if to be the "micro" abrasions that Apple warned folks about at the time of acquire.


Whilst others declare that the iPhone in the pictures is if truth be told 'pitted', or like sand got in their case

05-10-2017 09:55 PM

Appears pitted. Like sand were given on your case.


Stained iPhone or no, what are your techniques for keeping your tech squeaky clean? Hop on into the boards and tell us your absolute best tips for holding your iPhone stain-free and trendy!

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