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Join the discussion: Galaxy S8 anyone?

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Join the discussion: Galaxy S8 anyone?

With the fresh release of the Galaxy S8, some individuals are asking: are you ditching your iPhone? Join the dialogue on our boards to tell us what you assume!

The Galaxy S8 introduced to quick reward and fanfare, which left some Apple customers torn between their iPhone and the possible energy the Galaxy S8 possesses.

As the weeks roll through, some iPhone customers have began wondering whether or not it is value it or to not transfer over to a Galaxy S8 – or no less than believe it instead of a long run iPhone.

04-20-2017 11:30 PM

Simply curious if somebody is getting an S8 for a 2d phone of losing their iPhone utterly. IMO, the phone appears superb however however but even so that not anything is thrilling me. After the use of android for such a lot of yr I more or less know what to anticipate later down the street with slowdowns, and so on.


Some are fast to mention no…

04-21-2017 12:31 AM

No: Sluggish if ever updates Low resale Deficient customer support Touchwiz good enough when new quickly turns into a lag fest Oversaturated display/colors Curved Display Unsightly again with case


Whilst some are critically making an allowance for it for one explanation why or any other…

04-21-2017 09:24 AM

I promised myself that I might prevent bouncing from side to side between android and iOS. The Notice telephones have all the time pulled me in, however then I come again to the iPhone. After switching from the Observe 7 and being more than happy with my 7 Plus, I stated that may be it. No explanation why to modify once more most effective to return again. Now I see the S8 & S8+....they appear and feel so much like the Observe 7 that I beloved. The...


However what do you assume?

Join our discussion in the forums and tell us for those who'd believe switching to a Galaxy S8, or why you could by no means ever do this kind of factor!

Join the discussion in the iMore forum!


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