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Jamf Now lets you manage your business’ Apple devices — no IT required!

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Jamf Now lets you manage your business’ Apple devices — no IT required!

Jamf Now can assist you with your Apple software control wishes.

As a small trade proprietor, entrepreneur, and freelancer, you want your cellular devices with you all the time. Whether or not it is your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you want 3 issues:

  1. You wish to have your devices to be protected.
  2. You wish to have so that you can manage all of your devices directly.
  3. You wish to have the option to be inexpensive.

Jamf can assist you with all of those and extra — all you wish to do is join!

Simplify your cellular software control with Jamf Now! Learn more

What's Jamf Now?

Jamf Now is an on-demand cellular software control control resolution for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices which are utilized in your place of business.

It makes control duties, like deploying Wi-Fi passwords, securing corporate information, and implementing passcodes simple and inexpensive, serving to trade homeowners, solo marketers, and freelancers reinforce their customers and devices with no need the assistance of an IT skilled.

How can Jamf Now assist me?

It makes existence more uncomplicated

Jamf Now takes the trouble, concern, and tediousness out of IT duties through letting you enter settings as soon as after which sending them to all of your devices. Let each member of your workforce onto your Wi-Fi community through shelling out the password as soon as. E-mail account knowledge? Upload it as soon as. Passcodes? I believe you get the image...

You'll be able to additionally arrange each and every software with the apps it must be productive. Arrange a blueprint for each and every software and practice your settings the best way you see have compatibility. One worker wishes an app however every other does not? Easy! Set the devices up personally, however you can nonetheless batch-input passwords and different settings.

It is helping stay your information protected

Jamf Now is cloud-based, so you can manage all of your devices from anyplace at any time. That is absolute best for when you're touring to fulfill with traders, however somebody again house wishes an app or a password. You'll be able to do all of it from one spot.

You'll be able to put into effect passcodes for particular apps and knowledge, and you may even encrypt your information in order that handiest the ones licensed to get admission to it may possibly achieve this. If you or a workforce member occurs to lose a tool, do not panic — you can lock the display screen, show a message, or even wipe all of your delicate information remotely.

Can I come up with the money for it? Sure!

Jamf Now is amazingly inexpensive. At the moment, iMore readers can manage their first 3 Apple devices FOR FREE. And that's the reason no longer only for now, that is perpetually! After that, it is only $2 consistent with software, per 30 days. That is it; that is all.

Jamf Now is absolute best for small companies which are seeking to get on their ft, since you can simply manage a fleet of devices for less than $50 a month. It is advisable pay an IT pros 5 to 10 instances that quantity or extra!

Does Jamf Now sound like the answer for you?

If Jamf Now sounds find it irresistible may just assist you out with your trade wishes, then join these days. It is unfastened to create your account, and you can manage your first 3 devices these days, only for being an iMore reader.

Test it out these days and simplify your cellular software control with Jamf Now.

Simplify your cellular software control with Jamf Now! Learn more


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