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Is it fashion forward or faux pas to wear both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch?

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Is it fashion forward or faux pas to wear both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch?

Apple created a custom designed model of the gold Apple Watch in particular for French dressmaker Karl Lagerfeld.

Perhaps she's born with it, perhaps you should not wear a fitness tracker and a smartwatch on the similar time…

Whether or not you are a giant fan of the FitBit, utterly gaga concerning the Apple Watch, or in love with some other fitness tracker or smartwatch style in the market, you will have most certainly had the idea move your thoughts once or more: Is it in reality cool to wear both of them on the similar time?

Within the fashion global, it's no longer beside the point within the slightest to wear a watch and a bracelet at the similar wrist (despite the fact that it has been debated sooner than, and males appear to have a good more difficult time deciding what seems to be just right as there are instructional videos concerning the matter on-line), but if it comes to wearable tech, is it fashion forwards or backwards to combine your Apple Watch and your FitBit?

05-11-2016 03:58 PM

I in reality omit the buddies/social side of FItbit, however I really like the generation side of my Apple Watch. Does someone use both? I used to be considering of grabbing a Fitbit Alta for on a regular basis use, and then preserving my Apple Stay up for when It's not that i am out of doors running, or no longer understanding. Does someone wear both, always??


Why it does not actually all the time sorta kinda perhaps paintings....

Nina Garcia:

I am a giant believer that equipment could make or damage a glance.

Wearable tech has transform infinitely extra trendy within the final selection of years. You've the whole thing from big name fashion brands like Hermès designing watch bands for the Apple Watch, to stunningly trendy and easy smart rings that assist you to stay monitor of such things as your steps, the space you will have traveled, your center price, and so a lot more.

Now not solely do those items of wearable tech glance fantastic and like one thing you would see on a Chanel runway, however their purposes, functions, and what they are designed to do are expanding on a daily basis, making it much less and much less essential to have 4 or 5 items devices that actually virtually do the very same factor.

From a fashion point of view, it does not make a lot of sense to have two cumbersome equipment tethered to your wrist on a daily basis. "However Cella!" I listen you exclaim (by hook or by crook… from my rental... in Canada...) "My fitness tracker is itty bitty! It is slightly noticeable! And I do not use a stinky Apple Watch, I exploit one thing that appears like a classic wristwatch!" To which I answer "... Smartly, it if truth be told is dependent…"

How it can if truth be told paintings

If you are dressed in your Apple Watch together with your FitBit, likelihood is that issues are going to glance a bit… Off. Positive, neither wearable is very intrusive or on your face or in the best way, however the glance most likely does not glance 100% proper, or like both items of tech match-up or wear smartly in combination.

PROTIP: If you are dressed in wearable tech from the similar logo, you'll be able to in reality get round the entire smartwatch and fitness tracker on the similar time argument!

More often than not, manufacturers (particularly fashion-based manufacturers that make tech, and no longer tech-based manufacturers that challenge into fashion) will design their devices to seamlessly have compatibility with one some other at the wrist. The most productive examples I will be able to bring to mind are Fossil's fitness trackers just like the Q Reveler and their not-super-computer-looking smartwatches.

Both wearables don't seem to be large 'techy' and resemble extra same old, vintage browsing jewellery slightly than two tiny computer systems strapped to your wrist, making it a bit much less obtrusive that you are surroundings out to track your sleep, monitor your steps, and so forth.

If you are questioning what I imply through techy, I imply smartwatches that experience a sq. face, silicone wristbands, colourful plastic, clearly blinking or beeping lighting fixtures, and blatant LED or light-up monitors.


Dressed in a fitness tracker and a smartwatch is a fashion faux pas… if they are large techy-looking.

If they appear to be your vintage wristwatch or lovely leather-based bracelet, or if one resembles one thing extra medical and tech-based whilst the opposite is extra graceful and trendy, then you'll be able to break out with dressed in both.

What do you assume?

Are you a giant fan or dressed in a smartwatch and a fitness tracker on the similar time, or would you quite wear one at a time? Or one on each and every wrist? Or would you favor a fitness tracker that purposes as a ring or a necklace?

Tell us what your ideas are within the feedback under!


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