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iPhone SE teardown gives us a peek at its largely familiar insides

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iPhone SE teardown gives us a peek at its largely familiar insides

Now that the iPhone SE beginning to make its method to consumers all over the world, the primary teardown of the diminutive tool has been shared. Conducted by way of ChipWorks, the teardown presentations that the iPhone SE is largely made from portions from previous iPhones, best ChipWorks to finish:

While there's nonetheless so much to find approximately this new iPhone, what's changing into transparent is that this isn't your conventional Apple free up. There are only a few new portions, however that barely approach there is not any innovation. As is the genius of Apple and its fearless chief, Mr. Cook, it's the aggregate of all of the proper portions that make a a success product. Finding that simply-proper stability of antique and new, and at such a low value, isn't any simple feat.

As for specifics, ChipWorks confirms that the iPhone SE comprises the similar A9 processor, 2GB RAM, and NFC chips that have been used within the iPhone 6s. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE additionally seems to % the similar contact monitor controller that used to be used within the iPhone 5s.

That is not to mention the iPhone SE does not come with a few unique portions. In specific, the teardown presentations a new energy control IC (built-in circuit) that hasn't been noticed in any earlier iPhones, at the side of any other tidbits. If you are , you'll be able to view the full teardown at ChipWorks.


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