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iPhone 8 reviews

iPhone 8 reviews are out and here's what you need to know!

iPhone 8 reviews began going live this morning, the result of many members of the media having spent just shy of a week with Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The takeaway so far is that it's a solid update with the good new features but it looks too much like previous generation iPhones for some, especially with iPhone X on the horizon.

John Gruber, writing for Daring Fireball:

I was tempted to write this review under the conceit that there was no such thing as the iPhone X. Just don't even mention the iPhone X, and consider the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as though they were the only two new phones coming from Apple this year. That conceit would work, insofar as the iPhones 8 are excellent year-over-year upgrades compared to their iPhone 7 counterparts.

But ignoring the iPhone X would actually do an injustice to the 8 and 8 Plus, because so much of what is inside the X is also inside the 8's. These phones are in no way shape or form1 some sort of half-hearted or minor update over the iPhone 7.

Jim Dalrymple, writing for The Loop:

There is nothing I didn't like about the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. It's more powerful, has better cameras, Portrait Lighting, better Portrait Mode, Wireless charging, a better display, True Tone, and iOS 11.

These are just a great devices that I would not hesitate to recommend.

Jordan Kahn, writing for 9to5Mac:

If you're keeping track, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus could have (should have?) been the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, but after spending time with them, wireless charging, the new glass design, and notable camera upgrades feel worthy of the iPhone 8 branding. And for those that could care less about the iPhone X's OLED display and Face ID, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus offer a ton more value for money with a traditional look and feel.

Mark Spoonauer, writing for Tom's Guide:

The $699 iPhone 8 and $799 iPhone 8 Plus represent a leap forward in performance and camera quality, but I wish they came in packages that looked and felt more "new." That's why I'm personally waiting for the $999 iPhone X, which also adds Face ID and a more colorful OLED screen. Still, both iPhones 8 have very good LCD screens, better sound than their prededessors, wireless charging and strong battery life — and for more accessible prices, to boot.

Matthew Panzarino, writing for TechCrunch:

As far as a consumer goes, however, the iPhone 8 is the easy traditional choice this year. It's got nearly every technical enhancement that the iPhone X has outside of the TrueDepth camera and OLED screen. I think the mental calculus on this one is probably closer than it's ever been, but the framework is roughly the same: If you're the kind of person who buys the high end iPhone every year then wait for the iPhone X. With the one added caveat of if the notch for the depth camera on the front of the X offends you, well you have most of the major tech right in the iPhone 8.

Nilay Patel, writing for The Verge:

But Apple will ship millions of iPhone 8s — to people on upgrade plans, people who don't want to pay $999 for an iPhone X or wait for what seems like limited availability, and people who just need a new phone without thinking about it too much. If the iPhone X is Apple's bold vision of the future, the iPhone 8 is Apple making sure everyone else at the party has a nice time too. If you know what an iPhone is and you want one, then the iPhone 8 is exactly that, one tick farther down the line. It's an iPhone.

Nicole Nguyen, writing for Buzzfeed:

There's nothing bad about this phone. It's the same iPhone-shaped, iPhone-sized device that's been around for 3+ years. And that's okay! That shape and size is still working for a lot of people, and Apple focused on its longtime strategy of innovation by a thousand tweaks, under the hood.

Chris Velazco, writing for Engadget:

When I first picked up the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, I immediately decided they were actually just the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. I was wrong: They're definitely much more than that. They're just saddled with a less exciting design. If you subscribe to the maxim that it's what's inside that really counts, the 8 and 8 Plus are big improvements. They pack more storage, great cameras, improved software and absolutely first-rate performance into some highly familiar packages. The iPhone X will continue to suck the air out of the room for the foreseeable future, but one thing has become clear after my week of testing: They might not have the X's style, but the 8 and 8 Plus are truly excellent phones that won't let Apple die-hards and new customers down.

David Pierce, writing for Wired:

If you want an awesome iPhone, this is it. I'd recommend the 8 Plus, if you can stomach the size, because the added camera power and battery life are really nice to have. But both are fantastic phones, upgrades over even last year's model. But if you want to be part of the future, save your money for now. Then go get an iPhone X and see what's really coming next.

David Phelan, writing for The Independant:

The display is noticeably better thanks to the addition of True Tone for more faithful colours in any lighting condition and the camera is improved on both sizes of phone.

But on the iPhone 8 Plus, it's especially spectacular, offering images which can sometimes match the richness and detail of a DSLR camera, but from a device which still fits in your pocket.

All in a gadget which looks like an excited iPhone 7, refreshed in its best party get-up.

Scott Stein, writing for CNET:

The iPhone 8 Plus is a superlative phone with a spectacular camera, but wait for the upcoming iPhone X before buying: it promises to fold all of the key features of the 8 Plus into a smaller, sexier package.

James Titcomb, writing for The Telegraph:

For most Apple users, the real decision is which iPhone to buy, and if you aren't interested in shelling out for the X, the 8 is your new best option. Should you rush out and buy it? Probably not. If you need a new iPhone, is it a worthy upgrade? Certainly.

Steve Kovach, writing for Business Insider:

My advice is to ask yourself how much you're willing to pay. If you don't mind giving up some of the futuristic features in the iPhone X, then the iPhone 8 models will give you the same power and performance and most of the same features of iOS 11 for hundreds of dollars less.

But if the price tag doesn't scare you away, hold off on the iPhone 8 and go for the X.

Geoff Fowler, writing for The Wall Street Journal:

The virtues I see in the iPhone 8 are niche: I'm glad you don't have to spend $1,000 to get an improved camera and processor and even wireless charging, if that matters to you. But Apple's confusing iPhone family now includes three pairs of practically identical phones: the regular and Plus versions of the iPhone 8, 7 and 6s. Don't buy the spendiest one.

Ed Baig, writing for USA Today:

For many potential buyers, especially those with an older iPhone looking to upgrade, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus represents a solid purchase option. But I'm holding out for the next "latest" iPhone, the looming iPhone X.

Farhad Manjoo, writing for The New York Times:

So here's my conclusion, after nearly a week testing the 8 and 8 Plus: The 8s feel like a swan song — or, to put it another way, they represent Apple's platonic ideal of that first iPhone, an ultimate refinement before eternal retirement.

Josh McConnell, writing for The Financial Post:

I've been using the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as my daily day-to-day devices for a week now. Though they may not be as compelling of an upgrade for users of last year's iPhone 7 models, those who have been using one of the iPhone 6 family of phones or older will want to take note if they need a new device without paying the steeper iPhone X price.

David Pogue, writing for Yahoo:

The gadget world is buzzing about Apple's upcoming iPhone X, which it unveiled last week.

Good thing, too—because if Apple (AAPL) hadn't unveiled the iPhone X, there'd be no buzzing at all. The other phone Apple unveiled that day, the iPhone 8, is a very minor upgrade indeed.

Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson, writing for

Apple's iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are likeable phones, and a step up on the models they replace.

There are also solid reasons to buy them. If you're a fan of Apple and fingerprint scanners, this is your best option now and longer if Face ID takes over.

Patrick O'Rourke, writing for Mobile Syrup:

Despite how solid of a device the iPhone 8 is, it's still overshadowed by the impending iPhone X. While the X feels like the future of where Apple intends to take its iPhone line, the 8 is perhaps a little too reminiscent of the past. That's not to say that it isn't a solid smartphone, because it is. The iPhone 8, and the 8 Plus in particular, still offer one of the best mobile photography experiences out there.


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