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iPhone 7 again rumored to ditch camera bump, gain stereo speakers

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iPhone 7 again rumored to ditch camera bump, gain stereo speakers

I new document supposedly gives new main points at the iPhone 7, idea to be Apple's subsequent flagship iPhone. The new telephone is claimed to resemble the iPhone 6 and 6s fashions, although thinner via virtually 1mm. Lining up with earlier studies, Mac Otakara claims that the telephone will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, at the same time as the camera is claimed to be flush with the frame of the telephone, eliminating the small camera bump found in probably the most up to date fashions.

The new telephone will reportedly now not see an development in water resistance this yr. But it would improve the iPhone's speaker device, in accordance to Mac Otakara:

It has been stated that it's going to be waterproof specs with new composite fabrics, however it assists in keeping the use of the steel case as ahead of, final on the drip-evidence degree. The integrated iPhone speaker has been monaural to this point, however the brand new type would possibly function a stereo speaker on the backside.

Also backing up previous reports, Mac Otakara says that the iPhone 7 would possibly not function antenna strains at the again. The Lightning port at the telephone will reportedly be ever-so-somewhat smaller than the present port, but when that is actual, it is most probably simply to have an effect on the cutout of the port within the frame of the telephone, with the port itself last the similar measurement to have compatibility present cables and equipment.

The iPhone 7 is predicted to release later this yr.

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