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iOS 9 hacked to get 3D Touch working on the iPad Pro via Apple Pencil

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iOS 9 hacked to get 3D Touch working on the iPad Pro via Apple Pencil

watchOS 2, the running gadget powering Apple’s wearable gizmo, comprises fortify for 3rd-birthday party headaches on make a selection watch faces designed to make stronger them. But so far as watch faces themselves pass, customers are restricted to a handful of integrated types as Apple’s device construction package (SDK) doesn’t permit for downloadable watch faces but.

Developer Hamza Sood and his difficult wisdom of iOS, he used to be in a position to jailbreak iOS 9 and therefore hyperlink related bits of the tool’s code to control drive knowledge from the Apple Pencil to correlate into 3D Touch responses. This is best imaginable on the iPad Pro thank you to the Apple Pencil and its array of sensors, which, usually, are intended to learn layers of force knowledge for portray, writing and sketching.

You can test it out in a temporary video that Sood published to Twitter:
We can see Peek and Pop working in the video, thank you to the Apple Pencil. It’s unquestionably a neat trick of the tool and hardware. It simply is going to display that Apple’s generation can be utilized in various alternative ways, so much other than what Apple has launched them for. Indeed, only recently it used to be showcased how the Apple Pencil can be utilized as a lot of other equipment, like a synthesizer and weight scale.

Sood has targeted the complete procedure over on GitHub, which you'll be able to find here when you’re curious.

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