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iOS 9 Beta 3 Seeded To Developers, Includes Apple Music And News

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iOS 9 Beta 3 Seeded To Developers, Includes Apple Music And News

The 3rd beta of iOS 9 has been launched for the developers, virtually weeks after the second. O month in the past, Apple introduced iOS 9 at the 2015 WWDC.


iOS 9 beta 3 includes the construct quantity 13A4293f and may also be downloaded by means of the OTA update device or from Apples’ iOS developer portal.

If you’re a registered developer, you will have to most probably update to the recent beta to check it out. The 3rd beta comprises Apple Music and in addition the News app that used to be introduced all the way through WWDC 2015.

The News app is very similar to Flipboard and gives tales and information in accordance with a customers pursuits and personal tastes. The beta additionally includes a new 2-issue authentication gadget, 4×4 app association in folders at the iPad and new Photo albums for Selfies and Screenshots.

Here are the whole unencumber notes for iOS 9 beta 3:


  • Known factor: Lighting video dongles don’t paintings with this beta.

Activation Lock

  • Fixed in Beta 3
  • Your iPhone would possibly point out that Activation Lock is became on in your Apple Watch while it isn’t.

App Extensions

  • Known Issue: Debugging an motion or sharing extension can lead to the extension to be lacking within the UIActivityViewController item.
  • Workaround: Go to the More record and return to turn the extension once more.

App Store

  • Note: iOS 9 enforces the UILaunchImages requirement; apps can now not claim the similar release symbol to strengthen other interface orientations.
  • Known Issue: Users may well be caused two times for credentials at the first In-App Purchase.

Apple ID

  • Note: Beginning with this beta, a few customers shall be presented the approach to improve their Apple ID to make use of -issue authentication. For extra details about -issue authentication see Two-issue authentication isn’t supported on iOS 9 betas previous to beta 3.
  • Known Issues: Attempting to create a brand new Apple ID by means of Game Center would possibly lead to a crash. iForgot hyperlinks would possibly paintings intermittently.
  • Workaround: Please check out once more.
  • If you improve your Apple ID to make use of -issue authentication, iTunes purchases on Mac and Windows and retailer purchases on Apple TV would require you to append a six-digit verification code to the top of your password on each and every acquire. The six-digit code will show mechanically in your iOS 9 or OS Y El Capitan units, or can also be despatched on your depended on telephone quantity by means of a textual content message or telephone name.
    If your Apple ID makes use of -issue authentication, you can also now not have the ability to check in to products and services that use Apple ID on iOS 9 and OS Y El Capitan beta installations in advance than beta 3.
    If you disable -issue authentication and set a brand new password at, the password necessities don’t seem to be indicated so your password will not be frequent.
    Workaround: Make positive your password meets those necessities:
  • Have no less than one lowercase letter
    Have no less than one uppercase letter
    Have no less than one quantity
    Your password will have to now not include greater than consecutive similar characters
    Not be the similar because the account identify
    Be no less than 8 characters
    Not be a not unusual password
    You can not handle your -issue authentication depended on units at
    Workaround: You can in finding and handle depended on units in Settings > iCloud > yourName > Devices.
  • Removing a tool out of your account gets rid of it as a depended on tool for 2-issue authentication, however won’t signal out of any products and services or completely dispose of it from the tool listing.
    Workaround: To absolutely dispose of a tool, click on Remove From Account then signal out of iCloud in tool Settings of the software you wish to have to take away.
  • If you input an improper verification code for a -issue authentication account in Setup Assistant, it’s going to cling.
    Workaround: Press the Home button and return to start out setup once more.
  • During Setup Assistant, tapping Cancel at the instructed that activates you to go into the code for 2-issue authentication will lead to getting caught on the login display.
    Workaround: Press the Home button and return to start out setup once more.
  • Apps that use app-particular passwords lead to more than one notifications in case your account makes use of -issue authentication.
    Workaround: Disable the app on this beta.


  • Known Issue: The OpenAL framework isn’t to be had on this beta.


  • Notes: The canUseNetworkResourcesForLiveStreamingWhilePaused assets has been brought to AVPlayerItem. The default worth is NOfalse for apps associated on or after iOS 9.0 or OS Y 10.11, however YEStrue for apps that have been associated in advance. To reduce energy utilization, set this assets to NOfalse if you do not want playback state to stick up to the moment at the same time as paused.
  • AVQueuePlayer now helps a mix of record-primarily based media and HTTP Live Streaming media in its queue. Prior to this, you needed to make certain that all pieces within the queue have been of the similar sort. For apps associated towards iOS 9 or later, the media interruption conduct for AV(Queue)Player has modified.
  • Before iOS 9, apps may just interrupt different media-enjoying shoppers via associating or including AVPlayerItem to AVPlayer or via editing the time or date of the present AVPlayerItem (the use of the seekToTime: or seekToDate: strategies). In iOS 9, those operations interrupt best while AVPlayer item’s playback fee is modified to a non-0 worth during the fee assets or play way.
  • Picture in Picture playback would possibly prevent and the Picture in Picture button would possibly disappear while the use of AVPlayerViewController for video playback and changing the underlying AVPlayer item’s present merchandise the use of replaceCurrentItemWithPlayerItem:.
    The AVPictureInPictureController interface and the cancelPictureInPicture way are deprecated.
    Fixed in Beta 3
    Calendar Time to Leave signals is probably not despatched.


  • Known Issue: You can’t take pictures within the Camera app the use of the aspect quantity buttons with this beta.


  • Note: The retrievePeripherals: and retrieveConnectedPeripherals strategies have been deprecated in iOS 7.0 and got rid of in iOS 9.0. Apps that use those strategies will crash on release or upon pairing an adjunct.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: In this beta, FaceTime calls don’t attach on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or iPad Air 2.

Family Sharing

  • Known Issues: Adding a circle of relatives member inline fails.
  • Workaround: Use invite so as to add members of the family.
  • Ask To Buy notifications don’t reply while tapped.
    File Providers
    Known Issue
    On sure units, the Document Picker isn’t displayed. Instead, you simply see a white monitor.


  • Note: There is new Foundation API that can be utilized to discover if the tool is in Low Power Mode. See the up to date Energy Efficiency Guide for iOS Apps for main points.
    Horizontal region constraints will have to persistently reference both left/proper or prime/trailing attributes. For apps associated towards the iOS 9 SDK, NSLayoutConstraint will throw an exception should you try to create a constraint among a number one/trailing characteristic and a left/proper characteristic.


  • Known Issue: GLKMesh and GLKMeshBuffer items initialize incorrectly on this beta, which limits using GLKit with Model O/I.


  • Known Issue: Handoff does now not paintings with an iOS 9 tool that doesn’t have a passcode set.


  • Known Issue: In uncommon cases, it’s imaginable for the well being database to be deleted throughout the improve to the beta.
  • Workaround: To make certain the well being database isn’t misplaced, make an encrypted iTunes backup before you install this beta.
  • Although protecting the tool unlocked all through the improve procedure reduces the danger of the database being destroyed, it’s advisable that you simply create a backup with the intention to get well the database should you come across this factor.
  • HomeKit
    Fixed in Beta 3: Accessories that fortify more than one communique paths to HomeKit would possibly seem duplicated.
    Location-primarily based adventure triggers don’t paintings in Simulator.
    After the use of HomeKit equipment or creating with the HomeKit framework, backing as much as iTunes will lead to an unrestorable backup.
    iCloud Backup
  • Fixed in Beta 3: If you’ve gotten -issue authentication enabled, signing into your iTunes account whilst restoring from an iCloud backup would possibly get caught sending your verification code.
  • Known Issue: In uncommon instances, restoring from an iCloud backup won’t repair your programs.
  • Workaround: In Settings > General > Reset, select Erase All Contents and Settings, after which re-try the repair.

iCloud Drive

  • Fixed in Beta 3: Tapping an iCloud Drive record in seek effects doesn’t do anything else.

Instant HotSpot

  • Fixed in Beta 3: Some units crash on connection to Instant Hotspot.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: There are show problems with QuickType tips in percentage sheets.
  • Note: Russian, Turkish, and Korean QuickType keyboards require iOS 9 beta 2 or later.
  • Known Issue: If you employ a posh passcode on an iPad, a few panes in Settings will now display the keyboard.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: Under sure cases, while allowing iCloud keychain on an OS Y El Capitan or iOS 9 device the use of the iCloud Security Code, you may even see “flawed safety code” or “may just now not arrange iCloud keychain” even though you’ve entered the right kind safety code and SMS verification code.
  • Known Issues: You could also be not able to sign up for an present iCloud Keychain circle the use of iCloud Security Code and SMS Verification Code.
    Workaround: Approve from some other tool.
  • After converting your iCloud password, you may even see an “iCloud Keychain Reset” instructed.
    Workaround: Re-allow iCloud Keychain.
  • If you will have -step verification enabled for your AppleID after which amendment your iCloud Keychain or iCloud Security Code on a non-depended on tool, you spot a “Verification Failed” errors.
    Workaround: Log out of iCloud, log again into the account, and allow iCloud Keychain.
  • If your iCloud account makes use of -issue authentication, you’ll get an indication-in alert on all logged-in iOS 9 or OS Y El Capitan units on every occasion there’s a amendment within the telephone quantity in Settings > iCloud > Keychain > Advanced.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: For units on which English isn’t the default language, a few content material would possibly seem in English as an alternative of the predicted language.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: MapKit’s MKDirections don’t get instructions or ETA responses from MapKit on this beta.


  • Known Issue: I Yahoo mail account would possibly periodically show “Cannot get mail.”


  • Known Issues: When recording audio messages, the audio glyphs don’t seem to be proven. This happens each in fast answer and within the Messages app. When you ship an audio message, it can be tricky to start playback.


  • Known Issue: MTKMesh and MTKMeshBuffer items initialize incorrectly on this beta, which limits using MetalKit with Model O/A.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: The Radio tab isn’t to be had within the Music app.
  • Note: When customers plug in headphones or hook up with Bluetooth or CarPlay of their automotive, their favourite song app seems at the lock monitor or the automobile show.
  • For your app to be eligible for this, it will have to submit to Now Playing upon release and persistently deal with a Now Playing state. S not unusual follow upon release is to proceed enjoying the monitor from while the app used to be ultimate exited.
  • Known Issues: The percentage sheet would possibly not seem while sharing tracks from Apple Music.
    It will not be imaginable to Love an album or playlist.
    The New tab would possibly not load should you don’t seem to be signed into Apple Music.
    The Apple Music signup display would possibly not show appropriately.


  • Note: When negotiating a TLS/SSL reference to Diffie-Hellman key trade, iOS 9 calls for a 1024-bit workforce or higher. These connections come with:
  • Secure Web (HTTPS)
    Enterprise Wi-Fi (802.1X)
    Secure e mail (IMAP, POP, SMTP)
    Printing servers (IPPS)


  • Known Issues : Call historical past could also be misplaced upon improve to this beta.
    Voicemail could also be unavailable after an erase set up.
  • Workaround: Reboot the tool.

Photo Booth

  • Known Issue: Photos keen on Photo Booth don’t seem to be stored.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: After restoring from iCloud backup, pictures now not saved in iCloud Photo Library fail to show thumbnails.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: If you amendment the media form of content material in iTunes to “podcast episode,” after which sync the ones podcasts, the Podcast app will crash on release.


  • Notes: “Find on Page” is now to be had each from the percentage sheet in addition to within the Completions List.
    Request Desktop Site has moved; it’s now within the Share sheet as an alternative of Favorites.
    Web Browser–to–Native App Handoff does now not paintings together with your app if the apple-app-web site-affiliation document isn’t as it should be formatted and signed. For additional info, see Handoff Programming Guide and Shared Web Credentials Reference.
  • Known Issue: If you employ Autofill on iPad, passwords is probably not routinely entered into login fields.
  • Workaround: Manually enter the textual content. Your passwords may also be present in Settings > Safari > Passwords.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: Tapping a Mail message, Maps favorites, Note, or Message in seek effects does now not open the app on a few units.
    When filing an task to be searchable with NSUserActivity, the metadata (attributeSet) does now not get introduced to the index. The name and key phrases assets are the one task metadata introduced to the index.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: You would possibly see a black display while making an attempt so as to add Google or Yahoo debts.
    CoreSpotlight pieces listed with description don’t show the outline in Search.
  • Known Issues: Third-birthday celebration app settings every now and then don’t seem in Simulator.

Setup Assistant

  • Fixed in Beta 3: iForgot hyperlinks don’t paintings in Setup Assistant.


  • Known Issue: Siri Eyes Free would possibly not paintings on this beta.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: containsNode: and containedNodeSet don’t paintings on this beta.


  • Known Issues: Tapping a Mail message, Maps favorites, Note, or Message in seek effects does now not open the app on a few units.
    After upgrading to this beta, a few contacts don’t seem to be searchable in Spotlight.


  • Known Issue: After buying a mobile knowledge plan on an iPad, it will show an alert that signifies the plan has expired.
  • Workaround: Wait a couple of mins, then toggle plane mode.


  • Fixed in Beta 3: UIModalPresentationPopover taste doesn’t update its barButtonItem anchor place while the window is resized.
  • Notes: In iOS 9, while layoutIfNeeded is shipped to a view and all the following prerequisites are glad (which isn’t not unusual), we follow installing-measurement constraints (width/peak = 0 at UILayoutPriorityFittingSizeLevel) as an alternative of required measurement constraints (width/peak required to compare present measurement):
    The receiver isn’t but within the subtree of a view that hosts a format engine, comparable to window, view controller view (until you will have set translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints to NOfalse on that view—or created constraints that experience one merchandise in its subtree and one merchandise out of doors it), desk view cellphone content material view, and so forth.
    The ultimate ancestor (that may be, most sensible-degree view) of the receiver has translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints set to NOfalse.
    The most sensible-degree view has a subview that may be now not a UIViewController-owned format information that still has translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints set to NOfalse.
    Under situation 1, we create a short lived format engine from the highest-degree view and upload all of the constraints from the subtree to it. The drawback is that we want to upload a few constraints that make the dimensions of the highest-degree view unambiguous within the format engine. The antique conduct (previous to iOS 9) used to be that we’d upload constraints to limit the dimensions of the highest-degree view to its present bounds for any state of affairs underneath situation 1. This in reality doesn’t make feel while you upload prerequisites 2 & 3 and may end up in unsatisfiable-constraints logging and damaged format.
    So on iOS 9, for this unique case handiest, we use installing-measurement constraints as an alternative.
  • This signifies that in case you are sending layoutIfNeeded to a view underneath those prerequisites on iOS 9, you will have to ensure that both you have got enough constraints to determine a measurement for the highest-degree view (which frequently, although now not all the time, is the receiver) otherwise you will have to upload brief measurement constraints to the highest-degree view of format measurement you want ahead of sending layoutIfNeeded, and dispose of them later on.
  • For apps associated on iOS 9 or later, UITextView will now all the time appropriately constrict its NSTextContainer to the have compatibility within the view while scrolling is disabled. Overflowing strains that lie out of doors of an NSTextContainer, even in part, don’t seem to be rendered.
    In earlier iOS releases, the NSTextContainer occasionally used to be now not constricted in measurement. This intended that logically overflowing strains have been erroneously rendered. If you’re seeing prior to now rendered strains on the finish of your textual content view now not rendered after linking your app towards iOS 9, this conduct amendment is the most probably lead to. You can treatment this by way of making your UITextView higher, or in all probability via adjusting the ground worth of the textual content view’s textContainerInset assets.
  • There is a redesigned UI for printing that features a print preview (introduced from UIPrintInteractionController or UIActivityViewController). For apps that supply printing pieces or use best integrated UIPrintFormatter items (comparable to UISimpleTextPrintFormatter, UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter, UIWebViewPrintFormatter, or the UIViewPrintFormatter of any gadget-supplied view), not anything further is wanted for the print preview to show.
    Apps that subclass UIPrintPageRenderer or UIPrintFormatter to attract content material for printing will have to be constructed with the iOS 9 SDK for the preview to show. The conduct of UIPrintPageRenderer has been up to date to name drawPageAtIndex:inRect: more than one occasions with probably other web page sizes and margins. Various strategies on UIPrintPageRenderer could also be referred to as from a non-primary thread, however by no means from more than one threads at the same time as.
  • UIPickerView and UIDatePicker at the moment are resizable and adaptive—in the past, those perspectives may put into effect a default measurement despite the fact that you tried to resize them. These perspectives additionally now default to a width of 320 issues on all units, as an alternative of to the software width on iPhone.
    Interfaces that depend at the antique enforcement of the default measurement will most probably glance incorrect while compiled for iOS 9. Any issues encountered can also be resolved via absolutely constraining or sizing picker perspectives to the specified measurement as an alternative of depending on implicit conduct.

Watch App

  • Known Issues: Pairing iOS 9 beta 3 with watchOS 2 beta 1 or 2 calls for you to signal from your AppleID in Messages previous to pairing and to skip iCloud signal-in all the way through pairing. Pairing with watchOS 2 beta 3 and WatchOS 1 isn’t impacted.
    Tapping Cancel does now not paintings within the iForgot paintings flows in Watch Setup Assistant.


  • Note: The if-area and until-area worth strings best fit the precise area. To fit the area and any subdomains, start the string with the asterisk personality OS 9 at the 2015 WWDC.

If you return throughout anything else extra, do tell us in the course of the feedback segment.

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