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iOS 11 wish list: One-handed keyboard

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iOS 11 wish list: One-handed keyboard

A couple of years in the past, Apple experimented with a one-handed keyboard for iPhone Plus. What in the event that they experimented with one once more?

Again in 2014, Apple gave us the large 4.7-inch iPhone and the larger 5.5-inch iPhone Plus. To make up for the greater peak, additionally they gave us reachability mode, which yanked the interface midway down and taken top-of-the-screen controls down into usable vary. What they did not give us, even though, used to be one thing to make up for higher width and basic heft. One thing like a one-handed keyboard? It would be nice to peer in iOS 11.

The whole thing previous...

It is lengthy been rumored that Apple experimented with a one-handed keyboard to head at the side of the unique iPhone 6 Plus however in the end selected to not send it. Just lately, that keyboard used to be unearthed, like an artifact hidden deep inside of iOS.

Most likely this particular implementation wasn't best, or Apple merely did not like the theory typically, however the idea that appears to have a large number of benefit. It additionally seems extra sexy than identical implementations from different distributors of larger telephones.

Thumb satisfied

Apple clearly is not averse to variant keyboards. iPad shipped with a cut up keyboard at release. It used to be designed to make thumb typing more uncomplicated on a miles, a lot larger display. (Apparently, the 12-inch iPad Professional ditched the cut up keyboard because it used to be an excessive amount of, a lot, a lot larger for it to make sense to any extent further.)

Perhaps for iPhone Plus, it makes the proper of sense? It stocks the problem of typing one-handed, and now not simply as a result of width, however as a result of the load distribution as smartly.

To make use of the default keyboard one-handed with an iPhone Plus, you've as a way to succeed in all of the approach throughout or juggle the phone over slightly to get to the other aspect. Biasing the extra not unusual typing characters to at least one aspect or some other minimizes the volume of achieving or juggling you need to do, letting you higher stability the load, and higher keep in touch one-handed.

I have never had an opportunity to take a look at the implementation footage above, however I would like to. If it made iMessage, Twitter, and different text-intensive duties more uncomplicated when I am out strolling, bag throughout my again, espresso in a single hand, iPhone 7 Plus within the different, I would be ecstatic.

Your wish record?

Would you wish to have a one-handed keyboard in iOS 11? Let me know!


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