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Into the VOID: the Ghostbusters Dimension VR experience

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Into the VOID: the Ghostbusters Dimension VR experience

I had one ambition as a kid: to turn out to be a Ghostbuster. Lifestyles then taught me that it wasn't an opportunity (unfortunately), and I gave up on it... on this size. Seems, if I switch dimensions, I will be able to turn into what I used to be all the time intended to be. The Ghostbusters Dimension VR experience at Madame Tussaud's in NYC lets in guests to step in and bust ghosts with the highest of them.

MrMobile were given an opportunity to take a look at the long run of VR stories this previous August with the staff from VRHeads. In combination, they took down the Keep Puft Marshmallow Guy and were given a pleasant, toasty, s'more-like odor as a praise. Michael Fisher permits you to in on all the implausible main points on this video above.

Additionally, take a look at this article here on our sister website online VRHeads for extra about this experience!

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