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How to use your favorite band with Apple Watch

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How to use your favorite band with Apple Watch

How do you use your favorite previous watch band with Apple's new watch? With those equipment!

Wanna listen a secret? You should not have to surrender your favorite previous watch band simply since you went and were given a brand spanking new Apple Watch. With a couple of easy equipment, you'll be able to have your superbly elderly leather-based band and your Apple Watch, too.

By way of the best way, if you are rockin' a not-stainless-steel Apple Watch and need you did not have to settle for chrome steel lugs — you do not! Take a look at this how-to for all you wish to have to find out about color-matched lugs.

How to replace the lugs on your Apple Watch bands to match your space grey, gold, or rose gold casing!

Apple Watch, meet the spring bar adapter!

Many non-metal watch bands use what is referred to as a spring bar to cling the band in position. It is a tiny metallic rod that is going during the loop within the band and fastens to the watch case. Springs within the rod stay the entirety fixed securely.

If you have got a band that fastens to your watch with spring bars, you are in good fortune! So long as the band is not too large for Apple Watch, you'll be able to use Clockwork Synergy's Apple Watch Adapters to make your Watch suitable with your band! Oh, did I point out they are color-matched, too?

How to use the spring bar adapter

Notice: I have ordered a suite of those adapters and a pair NATO bands. I'm going to update this newsletter with step by step pictures once they arrive!

If you wish to have to take your favorite band off your previous watch and set up it on your Apple Watch, you are going to want the next:

So as to take away the band from your previous watch, you'll be able to have to use a Spring Bar Tool to unlock the spring bar from the watch case.

  1. Search for the forked finish of the Spring Bar Device. That is the aspect you'll be able to use.
  2. Slide your watch band alongside the spring bar to divulge somewhat of the bar — you wish to have to in finding the ridged portion of the bar.
  3. Position the forked finish of the Spring Bar Device onto the spring bar and line it up with the ridged portion.
  4. Use the Spring Bar Device is a lever to pull the ridged portion of the spring bar towards the band and clear of the watch case. The objective is to depress the spring so as to pull the pin out from inside the watch case.
  5. Slide the spring bar out from the loop in your band.
  6. Repeat the method for the opposite portion of the band.

  7. Slide the spring bar that got here with your Apple Watch Adapter into your band.
  8. Grasp the Apple Watch Adapter and push one aspect of the spring bar into the opening within the adapter.
  9. Use your fingernail or the Spring Bar Software to depress the opposite aspect of the spring bar and slide it into the opposite hollow within the adapter.
  10. Give your band a tug to ensure that the whole thing's safe.
  11. Slide your new/previous band into your Apple Watch and respect your dextrous handiwork!

The entire procedure takes a good bit of dexterity and a good greater portion of endurance, however it is smartly well worth the effort — particularly if your watch band has a storied historical past. You are not looking for to surrender the nostalgia to get the advantages of Apple Watch.

Questions or considerations?

Having hassle swapping in your previous band? Gimme a shout and we're going to check out to get it remedied!


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