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How to use Siri on Apple Watch to Handoff to your iPhone

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How to use Siri on Apple Watch to Handoff to your iPhone

If Siri can not let you on Apple Watch, it could actually hand you off to your iPhone to proceed the motion.

Handoff permits you to get started an motion on one software and end it on some other. It is suitable with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and... Apple Watch! With it, you'll be able to test in on Apple's integrated Calendar, Mail, Maps, Messages, and Phone apps and turn over to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to end what you began. But, there are a few things that Apple Watch simply can not do for you.

That's the place Siri is available in. If you ask Siri to do one thing on Apple Watch it merely can not do, it would possibly not surrender. Instead, it's going to redirect you to your iPhone and automagically switch your asked and get you your solution.

Handoff device necessities

  • To use Handoff on Apple Watch, you'll be able to want to ensure the function is enabled on your iPhone or iPad first.
  • Your Apple Watch and secondary software will have to each be be inside of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth vary (that guarantees you are shut by way of so it could actually accept as true with you've gotten ownership of each units on the time).
  • Handoff works with watchOS 1.0 and above.

How to arrange Handoff on your Apple Watch

You can temporarily allow Handoff for your Apple Watch from the Watch app on your iPhone if it isn't already enabled.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Scroll down to Enable Handoff and faucet the transfer to flip on the function.

Once enabled, Handoff will paintings throughout all units hooked up with the similar iCloud account.

How to use Siri to Handoff to your iPhone

You can transfer calls, emails, or messages from your Apple Watch to your iPhone, iPad or Mac slightly easily. However, you'll be able to additionally use Siri on Apple Watch to temporarily Handoff a variety of movements to your iPhone, together with taking a look one thing up on Safari, converting knowledge in a Reminder, getting touch information, and extra.

  • On Apple Watch, ask Siri to amendment one thing in a reminder. Since there is not any Reminder app on Apple Watch, Siri will be offering to Continue on iPhone and routinely name up the reminder with the adjustments made.

  • On Apple Watch, ask Siri for the cope with of somebody in your contacts. When you faucet Continue on iPhone the cope with will mechanically pop up in Siri's window on your software.

  • On Apple Watch, ask Siri to ship an e mail to any person. When you Continue on iPhone Siri could have the recipient crammed in. You'll simply have to upload the topic and message.

  • On Apple Watch, ask Siri a query that calls for a internet seek, like "Where do black bears are living?" and while you Continue on iPhone Siri will glance up the query and provide you the effects.

  • On Apple Watch, ask Siri to ship a tweet. When you Continue on iPhone, you'll be able to use voice dictation to craft your tweet and Siri will publish it for you if you end up in a position.

  • Facebook works the similar as Twitter. When you ask to ship a Facebook update on Apple Watch, you'll be able to Continue on iPhone to end and publish.

  • On Apple Watch, ask Siri to make dinner reservations for you on a selected date and time, or at a selected region. When you Continue on iPhone, Siri will display you eating places and reservation occasions to be had. You can then guide instantly the use of OpenTable.

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