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How to tune your Sonos speakers to use Trueplay on iPhone and iPad

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How to tune your Sonos speakers to use Trueplay on iPhone and iPad

Get the truest sound from your Sonos speakers and iOS — with Trueplay!.intro

Have you ever spotted your Sonos speaker is sounding distorted or uncertain in sure puts in your space? That's as a result of on occasion the form of the room, and even the items within the room the place your Sonos speaker is, may well be inflicting the sound to turn out to be disrupted. Luckily, Sonos has a solution for this, and it is unique to iOS units. It's referred to as Trueplay.

How does Trueplay paintings?

Trueplay is Sonos' model of tuning your speakers to the room through which you put it. It makes use of your iPhone or iPad's microphone to pick out up a tone emitting from your Sonos speaker to bear in mind how sound movements during the room. It will pay attention to how the sound bounces of the partitions and items within the room to check out and determine the place the sound is achieving obviously and the place it isn't.

The endgame of the use of Trueplay is to ship clearer sound to all portions of the room. Sonos means that any time you progress your speaker, even though it is only a pair ft, you will have to re-tune Trueplay for the best impact.

How to tune a Sonos speaker the use of Trueplay.

In order to tune your Sonos correctly you wish to have to make the room as quiet as imaginable and we actually imply it. While making an attempt to tune Trueplay ourselves, we were given a couple of notices that there used to be an excessive amount of noise as a result of a few gentle speaking within the place of business subsequent to the only we have been tuning in. So flip the whole thing off and take a couple of mins to be very quiet so you'll be able to steer clear of the disappointment of the method failing.

  1. Launch the Sonos Controller app.
  2. Tap on the menu button. It's the icon that appears like this ☰, within the most sensible left nook of the display.
  3. Tap on Settings.

  4. Tap on Room Settings.
  5. Tap on the label of the Sonos speaker you wish to have to tune.
  6. Tap on Trueplay Tuning.

  7. Tap Next on the trueplay monitor.
  8. Tap on Begin Tuning.
  9. Tap on Next on the approximately Trueplay tuning monitor.

  10. Tap the OK button.
  11. Tap on the Next button once you have position your speaker within the room.
  12. Turn your iPhone/iPad the wrong way up.

  13. Tap the Next button.
  14. Wait for the history noise to be examined. This best takes a pair seconds.
  15. Tap on the Continue button.

  16. Watch the video supplied so as to be informed the tuning method.
  17. Press the Start button.
  18. Your Sonos speaker will get started making noise. Walk across the room slowly and wave your iPhone/iPad across the room just like the video confirmed you.

  19. Wait for your speaker to adapt to the sound.
  20. Tap on the Finish button.
  21. Turn your iPhone or iPad proper aspect up and faucet the Done button.

Your Sonos speaker will have to now be tuned to your room. For the most productive sound, make sure that any time you progress your speaker, even though it is nonetheless in the similar room, to do the tuning procedure once more.


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