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How to troubleshoot your ecobee thermostat installation

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How to troubleshoot your ecobee thermostat installation

Caught on an ecobee thermostat installation step? This will lend a hand!

With the vacation season in complete swing, I am positive a lot of our readers will probably be receiving some superior tech presents from family members. I simply moved into a brand new house and won an early present of an ideal ecobee smart thermostat for my new position. Despite the fact that in my remaining house the installation used to be as simple as swapping some wires from the previous device to the brand new ecobee, my new house wasn't as type to us. However with a bout of googling and posting to HVAC strengthen boards, we continued and are playing the options of a attached thermostat!

This is how you'll arrange your ecobee thermostat if installation is not precisely going easily.

How to set up your ecobee thermostat

We now have briefly detailed how to go about the installation earlier than. If the whole lot is going as anticipated, listed here are the stairs briefly shape:

  1. Energy off the breakers for the HVAC device (heating, air flow, and air-con).
  2. Take away the quilt of the previous thermostat.

  3. Prior to unscrewing the rest, label all the wires with the supplied stickers. Each and every cord will have to have an related connector this is marked by way of a letter relying on what sort of further services and products you may have, like heating, A/C, humidifiers, and many others.).
  4. If in case you have a stressed classified "C", then you'll move forward and attach the classified wires into the related connector at the ecobee connector plate.

  5. In case you don't have a cord classified "C", then you want to set up the PEK (Energy Extender Package) on the controller circuit board in your furnace.
  6. As soon as all is attached, you'll plug in your thermostat and move on with the app installation detailed in our guide.

Working into snags

Despite the fact that ecobee tries its darnedest to mitigate for many furnace/thermostat situations (and so they do a perfect process of it too), you would possibly not fall into the class of a very easy installation. I fell into this unlucky class in two techniques. First, I had no cord classified "C".

The "C" cord is a powered cord that provides 24VAC to your thermostat. Some older thermostats use batteries as a substitute to provide energy and don't have any want for an influence source. The PEK supplied by way of ecobee can lend a hand with offering 24VAC by way of supplying a cord to attach to the related "C" connector at the furnace regulate board after which performing some interior energy control to supply energy in the course of the different labels and attached wires.

My subsequent glaring step used to be to set up the ecobee-provided PEK. So down to the furnace room I went, opened the facet furnace hatch to get get right of entry to to the internals and used to be greeted with this nightmare:

Secondly, no longer most effective did I no longer have a cord classified "C", however I additionally didn't have an related furnace regulate board with any classified wires. Yikes!

One stroke of good fortune I had used to be that I had 4 unconnected and unlabeled wires (blue, black, orange, brown) no longer related to any device that went from the thermostat the entire approach to the furnace. Subsequently, I had the wiring, simply no connection or regulate board to attach to. However worry no longer; listed here are some steps we took to get issues operating.


If in case you have a twin heating and cooling device, likelihood is that that you'll deduce the cord label "C" by way of seeing how your exterior A/C device is attached to the panel. Some of the wires could have to be attached to a 24VAC transformer which is the facility requirement wanted for a "C" cord.

  1. Flip the furnace breakers off.
  2. Hint the wiring from the thermostat to the furnace. Ensure that any unused wires (in my case they have been Blue/Black/Orange/Brown) on the thermostat facet also are no longer attached to the rest on the furnace facet.
  3. Hint the 2-conductor wiring from your OUTSIDE AC unit to the furnace. Some of the conductors will probably be attached to the YELLOW conductor from the thermostat (perhaps the use of a marrete). The opposite conductor will probably be attached to C facet of the 24VAC transformer. My 24VAC transformer used to be within the very again at the back of all the stressed mess. However when I driven the wires apart (DOUBLE CHECKING THE BREAKERS WERE OFF!) I may visibly see an oblong transformer with it is 24VAC specs indexed upon it.
  4. Pick out any probably the most unused conductors (the blue conductor its what I picked) from the thermostat wiring, and attach it in conjunction with the opposite conductor from the out of doors AC unit to the C facet of the 24VAC transformer (they will have to all be in the similar marrete).
  5. Be certain that there are not any uncovered wires and switch the breakers again on.
  6. Check the relationship with a multimeter on the thermostat finish of the wiring by way of seeing when you locate 24VAC between the cord you simply attached on the furnace (in my case blue) and the RH pink cord.
  7. As soon as showed that the right kind voltage is at your newly attached cord, you'll attach it to the "C" terminal at the ecobee connector plate and end your installation!

One final thing

In case you don't have a furnace regulate board like I do not, then you'll be able to want to make sure that the furnace blower fan is managed by way of the ecobee thermostat and no longer the furnace. This can also be carried out at the ecobee thermostat itself underneath personal tastes.

Ultimate ideas

Do you may have any "good" installs-gone-wild tales you want to percentage? Tell us the way you fastened them within the feedback!

I would like to thank /u/jam905 at the reddit /r/ecobee boards for all of his/her lend a hand on getting issues operating.


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