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How to switch from LastPass to 1Password on Mac

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How to switch from LastPass to 1Password on Mac

Have your whole logins in LastPass however need to transfer over to 1Password? This is how!

We just lately started the use of 1Password Teams right here at iMore and that intended a number of the individuals who'd been the use of LastPass had the make the switch. Each are extremely just right, however if in case you have to get everybody on the similar platform, possible choices have to made and information has to be transferred. Optimistically as temporarily, simply, and securely as imaginable. So, this is how we did it for everybody on our staff with a Mac.

If you are operating on a PC, ensure to take a look at our how to switch from LastPass to 1Password on Windows information as an alternative.

Create an encrypted disk symbol

If you wish to have to export your knowledge from LastPass however do not want to depart the CSV document it generates—along side undeniable textual content copies of all of your passwords—uncovered on your native force for even a second, you'll be able to create an encrypted disk symbol first and save the record there.

  1. Click on on Finder.
  2. Click on on Programs.

  3. Double-click on Utilities.
  4. Double-click on Disk Application.

  5. Click on on Record and click on on New Symbol.
  6. Click on on Clean Symbol.

  7. Sort in a identify for the picture and make a selection the place to reserve it. I selected "LastPass" and Desktop.
  8. Click on on the Encryption row and click on on 256-bit AES encryption.

  9. Sort in a password if you find yourself brought on and click on Select.
  10. Click on on Save.

You presently have an encrypted disk symbol on your desktop. You are prepared to export your knowledge from LastPass.

Export CSV document from LastPass

Whether or not you are the use of the added safety of an encrypted disk symbol or now not, you wish to have to get your knowledge out of LastPass and right into a layout 1Password can learn. For that, there is the CSV document—comma separate values. If you are now not accustomed to CSV, bring to mind it as a undeniable textual content record that may be exported and imported from spreadsheet tool like Excel or Numbers.

  1. Click on on Safari on your Dock.
  2. Click on on the LastPass icon.

  3. Click on on Extra Choices.
  4. Click on on Complex.

  5. Click on on Export.
  6. Click on on LastPass CSV record.

  7. Sort on your Grasp Password.
  8. Sort in a filename.

  9. Click on on LastPass (or no matter you named your symbol document) because the vacation spot to save your CSV export.
  10. Click on on Save.

Import CSV record into 1Password

After you have the CSV document, you'll be able to import it, and all of the login knowledge it accommodates, into 1Password.

  1. Click on on 1Password for your Dock.
  2. Click on on Document and click on on Import.

  3. Click on on LastPass.
  4. Click on on Websites and Safe Notes.

  5. Click on on your CSV document situated within the symbol record you created.
  6. Click on on Open.

Delete the disk symbol

As soon as you've got opened 1Password and made positive all of your login knowledge used to be effectively imported you wish to have to eliminate the CSV document. Despite the fact that you are securely storing it in an encrypted disk symbol, it is higher to eliminate it than depart it mendacity round.

  1. Click on and drag the DMG document on your desktop to the trash.
  2. Click on on Trash for your dock.

  3. Click on on Empty.
  4. Click on on Empty Trash.

Observe: Ensure that there's not anything on your Trash you do not thoughts deleting perpetually.

Switching with out encryption

If you are averse to making a disk symbol or simply should not have room on your arduous pressure, you'll be able to merely export the CSV document onto your common desktop. Simply apply these steps however exchange the disk symbol save level together with your desktop.

Don't save this CSV record to a cloud carrier or shared folder. When it isn't stored in an encrypted disk symbol any person can view its contents.

To import the decrypted CSV document, apply these steps however make a selection anywhere your stored the CSV record (desktop is really helpful) as an alternative of the disk symbol.

Switching from 1Password to LastPass

For those who'd slightly switch from 1Password to LastPass than the opposite direction round, merely carry out the similar collection of steps however export from 1Password and import into LastPass as an alternative.

The necessary factor is that you are the use of a just right password supervisor that matches your wishes.


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