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How to set up up your Pokémon Go Plus!

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How to set up up your Pokémon Go Plus!

How do you get began with the Pokémon Go Plus? From pairing to catching, we now have were given you coated!

In a position to take your Pokémon Go revel in to the following degree? Pokémon Go Plus is an easy-to-use little wearable that may in point of fact assist you to lift your gram. This is how to get began!

How to pair the tracker with your phone

Prior to you'll be able to catch, you gotta pair!

  1. Pull the plastic tab out of the tracker
  2. Press and hang the middle button till it blinks white
  3. Release the Pokémon Go app and head into the Settings
  4. Choose Pokémon Go Plus

    You'll be able to know that the Pokémon Go Plus is hooked up via the on-screen indicator that appears identical to the tracker does.

How to unpair your Pokémon Go Plus tracker

For those who jump between units or need to give somebody else a shot with your tracker, you'll be able to simply unpair it and get it set up with some other phone.

  1. Release the Pokémon Go app
  2. Head into the Settings
  3. Faucet on Pokémon Go Plus
  4. Hit the eject icon subsequent to the paired tracker

How to put on the Pokémon Go Plus tracker

Normally, you'll be able to need to connect the incorporated band in an effort to have your Pokemon Go Plus simply out there on your wrist. Should you choose, you'll be able to additionally use the clip to stay it hooked up to your blouse or pants pocket. This is how to transfer it up:

  1. At the again of the tracker find the small screw
  2. Use small screwdriver to take away the screw
  3. Position entrance of tracker within the wristband
  4. At the backside of the wristband find the small screw
  5. Screw the again into the entrance
  6. Modify the band to have compatibility your wrist

Any questions?

As soon as you're set up you'll be able to now catch Pokémon, acquire from Pokéstops and extra with no need your phone out the entire time. When you have any questions, drop them within the feedback beneath!


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