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How to set up and start using your Fitbit with Mac

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How to set up and start using your Fitbit with Mac

Become in balance by using Fitbit to check your every excersise! No, it's clearly not creepy; it's training!

You don't quite only have to use your Fitbit on iPhone. After having a Mac at your home, be effective, or university, you can surely definitely set up and maintain your Fitbit fitness tracker on macOS along with him. You will find both a Fitbit Link iphone, and a web - based web site, that'll receive set up and going, by your Mac!

How to load the Fitbit Link iphone for Mac

Fitbit also has an iphone also known as Fitbit Link, which helps you to pair of and synchronize your Fitbit shadow with your Mac, using the functional wireless Thumb dongle.

  1. First, load the cost free Fitbit Link iphone.
  2. Touch Find for Mac.
  3. Create new Supply framework.
  4. Touch Online programs inside of the meal.

  5. Twice decide upon Fitbit game photograph line. Its name may start with "FibtitConnect_Mac..."
  6. Twice decide upon Fitbit installation technician line. I think a stationary pack and is named "Put in Fitbit Link.pkg."

  7. Touch Keep on throughout the opening page content considering the setup procedure.
  8. Touch Keep on throughout the program freedom deal.

  9. Touch Concur to come to terms to the vocabulary and circumstances.
  10. Touch Keep on if you get determined fascination on what to reduce the Fitbit Link iphone.

  11. Touch Put in.
  12. Enter into your distinguished and press Put in Application.

Thrive, you get the Fitbit Link iphone! Opened up the same as you one would some other use – either out of your Supply or from your pier. Now you will be able to availability your Control panel, take part in tasks, and more, everything from your Mac!

How to pair of a different Fitbit shadow with your Mac

Now that you have contains a Fitbit Link iphone purchased, you will likely really want to pair of your Fitbit with your Mac. This may be done using the wireless dongle which typically given your Fitbit's pack, for that reason you should definitely connect this to an available Thumb line before to beginning the system operation. I think a high priced get, though perhaps just the sting.

This procedure lasts right from establishing Fitbit Link.

  1. Touch Established New Fitbit Tool.
  2. Touch New to Fitbit.

  3. Enter into your e mail and construct a distinguished.
  4. Select pack next to "I come to terms to the Fitbit Tos and Personal privacy Plan."
  5. Touch Register.

  6. Enter into your facts throughout the "Say on you" page content.
  7. Touch Register.
  8. Select Fitbit shadow that you are actually place up.

  9. Touch Next within the content screen.
  10. Do the move ask for.
    • Put the barcode that seems on your Fitbit's exhibit.
    • Valve your Tighten till you be it pulse.
  11. Touch Next or I soon became it hype, relying on your Fitbit version.

  12. Touch Next throughout the relation acknowledgement tv screen.
  13. Touch Go to Control panel.

That may be all you can find to it; your Fitbit shadow is currently coordinated with your Mac. In addition to that, but you may have now marked up to acquire a Fitbit consideration along with him. A couple avians are deceased and you may have only thrown 14lbs.

Remember you're going to have which typically dongle interested constantly, if you desire your shadow to continually synchronize with your Mac.

As long your Mac remnants joined to the web, your Fitbit shadow may wireless synchronize whenever you are present in 20 foot of them available. You are going to be able to sign in to your Fitbit Link iphone and explore your upthroughto-date improvement while not having to hook-up any wiring or clicking on the Integrate knob.

If, for many intent, your Fitbit is not going to immediately synchronize with your Mac, you can surely decide upon Integrate Now knob inside of the Fitbit Link iphone.

Refreshed September 2011 2017: The most important above processes are right for macOS Extremely high Sierra.


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