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How to send or request a payment through CarPlay

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How to send or request a payment through CarPlay

You'll be able to send or request a payment the usage of a third-party app through CarPlay. This is how.

Let's consider you are using down the street whilst you all of sudden remember the fact that you wish to have to send cash to any individual. You normally do that with an app, however you'll't get entry to it at this time since you're using and you are now not going to take your eyes off the street to take a look at your phone. Neatly, in case you use CarPlay on your automobile, you are in good fortune. You'll be able to send (or request) cash the usage of your most well-liked app whilst using down the street with out even touching your iPhone, and it is all thank you to Siri.

Siri is a very powerful part to the CarPlay tale, because the virtual assistant is helping you stay your eyes at the street. Whilst contact in CarPlay is restricted to the CarPlay-compatible apps you may have put in for your iPhone, Siri is in a position to extra, and will carry out a selection of purposes that don't seem to be immediately similar to the ones apps. This comprises sending and asking for bills through third-party apps even though the ones apps do not seem in CarPlay.

This is how you'll send or request a payment whilst the usage of CarPlay.

How to send or request a payment whilst the usage of CarPlay

  1. Say "Hiya Siri" or turn on Siri the usage of the virtual House button or a bodily button on your automotive.
  2. Make your request to send or obtain a payment along with your desired app, e.g., "Send $20 to Andy the usage of Money."
  3. Inform Siri to send your request or press the Send button at the CarPlay show, of Cancel if you wish to have to cancel the request.

That is all there may be to it. This works with any of the third-party apps that you'll use for bills, together with Money, Venmo, and PayPal.


If you have got questions on sending or asking for bills the usage of CarPlay, tell us within the feedback.


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