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How to put prescription lenses in your VR headset

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How to put prescription lenses in your VR headset

How do I exploit prescription lenses with my VR headset?

The key VR headsets, together with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR, were designed in some way that shall we maximum prescription glasses frames have compatibility. Then again, dressed in glasses inside of a head-mounted show can nonetheless be problematic. Chances are you'll scratch the headset's lenses with your frames, you may revel in a bit of of fog, and your lenses touching your face when mashed into the headset may cause smudges which might be onerous to see thru.

An organization referred to as VR Lens Lab has taken it upon themselves to create lenses that paintings with the 3 primary VR headsets. Their first lenses brought about some distortion for some customers, however they have got redesigned them, calling them RABS top class lenses, and the distortion is considerably lowered.

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