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How to play 4K videos from YouTube’s homepage on a Mac

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How to play 4K videos from YouTube’s homepage on a Mac

Google just lately modified how 4K works on YouTube's homepage and Safari does not make stronger it, however you'll be able to nonetheless view 4K YouTube videos on a Mac!

Google has made some adjustments to the best way 4K videos are coded on its house web page. YouTube makes use of the VP9 video coding format, whilst Apple's Safari internet browser helps H.264. It is a quirky little exchange, of which AppleInsider goes into more detail. The fundamental gist is, Safari does not beef up VP9 and Google will solely flow H.264 4K videos on YouTube's homepage.

So, why does not Apple simply upload VP9 beef up in Safari? That you must argue about it for days. The straightforward fact is, we do not know why Apple does not upload VP9 fortify in Safari, identical to we do not know why Google got rid of enhance for H.264. However, since VP9 is open source and royalty loose, it's most probably that Apple needs to be sure that Safari is equipped with a authorized authentic video compression same old.

There is not any actual selection, presently, for viewing 4K videos on YouTube's house web page whilst the use of Safari. Optimistically, both Apple or Google will undertake the opposite's gadget, or a third-party developer will upload a Safari extension that may permit us to play 4K video from YouTube's house web page identical to the best way Player for YouTube lets in you to view YouTube videos with Flash.

For now, the one method you'll be able to watch 4K videos at once on YouTube's house web page is via the use of any other internet browser that helps VP9, that are as follows.

You want to additionally dual-boot Windows 10 onto your Mac and run the Microsoft Edge browser.


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