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How to pick a cover photo for Memories in Photos (spoiler: you can’t)

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How to pick a cover photo for Memories in Photos (spoiler: you can’t)

How do I modify the cover photo in Memories in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad? Wonder! You sadly can not.

This is not a trick: I initially set out to write a how-to about how to exchange your cover photo in Memories in the Photos app for iOS and macOS… however I found out it is not in reality imaginable.

Memories is a nice new function for the Photos app that permit customers view their photographs and video in a trendy, handy slideshow-like layout. It really works through randomly compiling content material into algorithmically-created slideshows like "Very best of the final 3 months" or "The Vacations" to give you a basic evaluate of all of the superior photographs and movies you captured with the assistance of your iPhone.

Even though extra restricted on macOS, Memories provides customers a ton of inventive management on iOS: You'll be able to exchange the slideshow's theme, song, content material, and so a lot more. Sadly, something that looks to be nigh-impossible is surroundings a cover photo for a particular Reminiscence. It is irritating: You'll be able to rearrange content material inside of the Reminiscence itself, however now not the cover photo that opens the slideshow, nor the picture that represents it at the Memories web page.

Probably the most irksome phase is that Apple has a model of this option for Albums at the Mac: Proper-click (or control-click) on any photo in an Album, and you'll get a dropdown that incorporates the choice Make Key Photo. (iOS hasn't ever been in a position to do that, sadly.) However the similar does now not follow to Memories.

There's a means to take away your present cover photo from Memories, however it is not precisely sublime.

How to take away your present cover Photo from Memories

When Memories creates a slideshow, it mechanically choices a picture for its cover photo. To take away that cover symbol, then again, you'll have to delete that symbol totally. (Now not simply from Memories — out of your library.)

On macOS, this works just about as designed: Pass into the Memories slideshow you need to trade, delete the cover photo, and the app will in an instant pick some other image to take where of the primary cover photo.

However I would not suggest doing this lately on iOS. In our checks, if you delete your cover photo, we have now had it in an instant show a giant grey field the place the cover photo will have to in a different way be proven. It is a trojan horse, however to maximum customers, it simply looks like a undeniable ol' factor that occurs.

Now not handiest that, but when you run into the grey field drawback, the play button disappears altogether, so you can not additional edit or repair your Memories slideshow.

Repair time

On the finish of the day, Memories is a actually superior new function that provides us the nice and cozy nostalgic fuzzies with out beating us over the pinnacle with the old school slideshow layout. It is simply actually unlucky that I will be able to't set my cover photo on iOS with no need all of the Reminiscence implode in on itself. We have filed a computer virus with Apple, and hope to see Memories upload a cover photo choice — or, on the very least, repair its iOS troubles with deleting cover pictures — in the longer term.

Notice: We now have filed this option request with Apple. It may be discovered at rdar://28518000.


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