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How to move or delete apps on your new Apple TV

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How to move or delete apps on your new Apple TV

Along with rearranging apps in a identical means to the way it’s performed on iOS, deleting apps on the Apple TV is a well-known workout as smartly. Like iOS, there are tactics to delete apps from the Apple TV—from the Home display and from the Settings app.

How to move or rearrange apps on the new Apple TV
  • Press the Home button (to the best on the Menu button) to pass to your Apple TV’s Home display.
  • Swipe on the Touch surface (Touchpad) of the Siri Remote or Apple TV far flung to move to the app icon you wish to have to move.
  • Press and hang on the Touch surface on the app icon, and look forward to it to jiggle.
  • Release your finger while the icons get started jiggling or input Edit mode.
  • You can now swipe on the Touchpad to move the app round on the Home monitor.
  • When you’re proud of the new place, press on the Touchpad once more to go out Edit mode.

How to delete apps on the new Apple TV
  • When the app icon is jiggling or in Edit mode, press on the Play/Pause button to delete the app.

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