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How to manage iCloud Drive syncing over cellular

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How to manage iCloud Drive syncing over cellular

For those who retailer a large number of paperwork in iCloud Drive, and you are on a restricted knowledge plan, you would possibly not need apps shifting massive information round until you are on Wi-Fi. Cellular knowledge use with iCloud Drive is nowhere just about as extensive as streaming track or movies, but when you wish to have to be certain that now not somewhat is going through with out your say so, you'll be able to manage all of it in Settings.

How to flip cellular knowledge on or off for iCloud Drive syncing

  1. Release the Settings app for your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Faucet on iCloud.

  3. Faucet on iCloud Drive.
  4. Scroll all of the approach to the ground and switch Off the choice for Use Cellular Knowledge.

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