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How to Improve your Apple Watch home screen with these simple customizations

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How to Improve your Apple Watch home screen with these simple customizations

With the Apple Watch Home screen, Apple presented a brand new format and layout that may be a departure from what we now have all been accustomed to with iPhone and iPad. Instead of favoring rows and columns of sq.-ish icons, Apple had to reconsider the consumer interface and presented us to an unlimited and honeycomb-like fluid grid of apps without pages, folders, or dock.

Below, you'll be able to in finding a couple of guidelines to support your home screen revel in so you are going to love and now not detest going there.

Arrange the icons creatively
You can organize the icons on your home screen in any trend or form you want — hexagons, helixes, branches and extra. It takes time and endurance in the beginning to transfer the icons round, however it may be comprehensive temporarily whenever you get accustomed to their motion. There are a few barriers to your layout, although, because the Watch Face icon can't be moved from its critical place and all icons will have to be contiguous, i.e. touching some other icon. You can see a few instance layouts under that have been published on MacRumors forums.

You can transfer your icons temporarily at the Watch the use of one way borrowed from iOS — simply faucet and ow toold an icon till it and all surrounding icons get started to jiggle. Once they're jiggling, you'll be able to transfer them round. You can even organize the icons the use of your iPhone, that is the most well liked approach as it's so much more uncomplicated to see your association at the massive screen. Just open the Watch app at the iPhone, choose My Watch after which choose “App Layout.” You can drag and drop icons at will from this screen.

Group equivalent icons in combination

You can’t arrange the app icons at the Watch into pages like you'll be able to at the iPhone, so you might have to assume creatively at the Watch. Instead of pages, you'll be able to workforce identical app icons in combination into clusters and use the format layout to stay them particular. For instance, it is advisable to use a chain of small diamonds with each and every diamond-form containing a unique class of apps.

Use the Digital Crown to open apps

The app icons at the home screen are small, which makes it tricky to faucet the right kind icon while beginning an app. An more uncomplicated method to release an app is to middle it on your screen and spin the virtual crown to zoom into the app and open it.

So what do you assume ?

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