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How to get the Pride flag reaction on Facebook

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How to get the Pride flag reaction on Facebook

Percentage some love on Facebook all through Pride Month!

Everybody at iMore loves, smartly, love. We even have Facebook accounts! If you are celebrating Pride Month and feature a Facebook account, you could have already noticed maximum of the account tweaks you'll be able to upload, like temporary profile banners. If you wish to have to move a bit deeper, Facebook now permits you to percentage the Pride flag as a reaction to each posts and feedback. It is not a takeover of an present reaction, it is a completely distinctive reaction you'll be able to percentage!

This is how to allow the Pride reaction on your account!

Enabling the Pride reaction on your Facebook Account

Like many different customized reactions on Facebook, you'll be able to opt-in via liking a selected web page. On this case, liking the LGBTQ@Facebook web page will allow the Pride reaction on your account.

As soon as you have appreciated the web page, when you hadn't prior to now appreciated it, wait about 5 mins and you'll be able to see the rainbow choice seem on each cellular and the internet. This may increasingly most certainly handiest be round for the remainder of the month, so revel in it whilst it lasts!

Step-by-Step directions

  1. Open the Facebook both thru the app or browser
  2. Seek for LGBTQ@Facebook in the most sensible seek bar
  3. Like the LGBTQ@Facebook web page
  4. Wait 5 mins
  5. Unfold pleasant rainbows as in all places as you select

Were given it? Nice! Have a laugh, and be mindful...


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