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How to get the new Apple TV aerial views screen saver on your Mac

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How to get the new Apple TV aerial views screen saver on your Mac

Well-recognized jailbreak developer John Coates (@punksomething) has created an app that permits you to upload the new Apple TV’s superior-taking a look lively aerial screen savers to your Mac. As we noticed right through the Apple TV screen, the staff at the back of the screen savers have been meticulous of their consideration to element.

The places of the aerial photographs range. Included are photographs from San Francisco, China, New York, London, and Hawaii. In this submit, we’ll display you ways to upload those comparable screen savers to your Mac by the use of Coates’ simple-to-use device.

    John Coates has ported the Apple TV’s new screen saver to Mac, and there are fast and easy tactics to set up it. First, download the Aerial.saver screensaver file you’ll need from GitHub, then practice considered one of the choices beneath:
    • Option S: Open Aerial.saver and OS Y will ask in the event you’d adore it put in.
    • Option 1: Place Aerial.saver in ~/Library/Screen Savers
    Once you’ve finished this type of steps, open System Preferences on your Mac, make a selection “Desktop & Screen Saver,” then choose “Screen Saver.” Choose the “Aerial” screen saver you simply put in, then click on “Screen Saver Options” to specify which photographs you wish to have to see.

    By default, your Mac will cycle thru they all, and we propose you allow it that method, as a result of they’re all fantastic. But if you wish to have to, you'll be able to choose to see best New York, or San Francisco, or whichever you favor.

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