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How to get Siri to spell a word for you

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How to get Siri to spell a word for you

If you're having hassle spelling a word, you wouldn't have to glance it up within the dictionary and even seek Google for it. Simply ask Siri!

Everybody I do know and everybody you know has uttered a sentence that starts with the next 4 phrases:

"How do you spell...?"

Do not deny it—you've heard it on your personal voice at a while or some other. You could have heard it out of your school roommate. You could have heard it from buddies and family. If you're a mother or father, you've heard it out of your children. And after a positive period of time of rising bored with listening to it, you've indubitably answered on no less than one instance: "Glance it up!".

A idiot's errand, no doubt. How is any individual intended to glance up a word within the dictionary to learn how it is spelled if they do not know how to spell it to start with?

How great is it that we will change the plague upon humanity this is "How do you spell..." with this:

"Siri, how do you spell...."

It is actually that straightforward

Sure, as well as to its different functions and methods, Siri can spell phrases for you... similar to a human being competing in a spelling bee.

Turn on Siri alternatively you like (double-pressing the House button or invoking "Hello Siri...") and ask Siri to spell the word "plane", and you'll listen, "Plane...A-I-R-P-L-A-N-E". On-screen, you'll see the dictionary access, whole with the phonetic pronunciation and the definition.

Amusing with Siri

That looks after the garden-variety spelling questions. Let's step it up a stage.

What if you ask Siri how to spell a word this is a homonym, comparable to tail?

On this case, Siri displays—and spells out—4 probabilities. Faucet considered one of them and Siri will spell it out once more and give you the definition. If this is not the word you need, there's, unfortunately, no again button to make another option. But when you contact Faucet to Edit, you can exchange the word, choose from some other prompt choice, or just ask Siri once more.

Will it paintings with correct names? Yep.

What about phrases which might be pronounced in a different way due to native customized? Whether or not it is pronounced iAR-ken-saw or Ar-CAN-zis, or Miz-ZER-ee or Muh-ZUR-uh, you get those:

How about a word this is repeatedly mispronounced for different causes? After I requested Siri how to spell "nuclear" (as in newk-ya-ler), a lot to my wonder, Siri pronounced the word appropriately again to me, and gave me the outcome underneath. Ditto after I requested Siri to spell "nuclear" (as in new-clee-er). Cool.

What about phrases that many people know the way to spell however repeatedly confuse? Listed here are two of my non-public favorites:

Those requests lack context—and Siri isn't a grammarian so it can not inform you if you're the usage of the fitting word—however no less than now we have some choices to apply.

What about overseas phrases? If they're repeatedly used within the English language, you may get fortunate, despite the fact that every so often Siri is will supply a textual content reaction that in fact spells out the word and gives to shuffle you off to Wolfram Alpha's website online:

If you're making an attempt to spell a not-so-common word in a overseas language, you'll want to exchange the settings for Siri to discuss in that language, and alter your software's common settings to use that language.

Finally, what about the usage of Sort to Siri for this? Take into consideration it for a 2d and you'll comprehend it's no lend a hand; if you can not spell it, you can not sort it. Or ask simply Siri:

Your ideas?

Did you know you may just ask Siri to spell a word for you? Have you stumped Siri but? Tell us about your enjoy within the feedback underneath.


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