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How to find your AirPods in the snow. Seriously.

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How to find your AirPods in the snow. Seriously.

Should you drop one among your AirPods in the snow, how do you find it once more? With slightly good fortune — and a large number of sound!

My ears were mangled via years of grappling: Virtually no earbud will keep in longer than a couple of seconds. AirPods, Apple's new wireless earbuds, on the other hand, are other — they keep in simply high-quality 90% of the time. Nonetheless, when the wintry weather snow began to pile up right here, I started to fear. What would occur if I dropped a type of snowy white AirPods into exact white snow?

And, as I used to be taking a couple of pictures in the woods on Wednesday, it came about — I dropped one between the slats of a bench and it fell directly into a large pile of clean snow. And disappeared.


Then: Troubleshooting alternative!

How to find your AirPods in the snow

When Apple introduced AirPods, I internally wanted the corporate would have incorporated Find My iPhone in particular for the little earbuds. After occupied with, then again, I noticed that a low-rent model may just technically exist already: AirPods have audio system. The issue is that AirPods are additionally designed to pause sound once they depart your ear.

So, in the event you drop considered one of your AirPods and can not see it, here is what you do:

  1. Pull up Regulate Middle.
  2. Swipe to the Now Enjoying tab.
  3. Faucet Resources at the backside.
  4. Faucet AirPods.

  5. Crank the Quantity.

  6. Pay attention for your AirPod(s).

I did simply that and right away heard the lacking earbud. Then, after a couple of torturously lengthy seconds of raking my ungloved hands thru the snow, I felt it and fished it out!


I have toyed with the concept of including some vibrant pink tape to the stems of the AirPods to lead them to extra visually obvious in the snow, however I am not positive how that'd have an effect on their stability in my ears but. I would possibly check that hack subsequent.

Your AirPods guidelines?

Although your AirPods keep in your ears 100% of the time, wintry weather sit back and gloves may just imply you drop one whilst hanging them in or taking them out. So stay this in thoughts, and when you have some other tips, let me know in the feedback!


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