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How to download an older versions of iOS apps

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How to download an older versions of iOS apps

If you're lacking older versions of any particular iOS app for your iPhone and need you return to that model, almost certainly you wish to have to take a look at Charles Proxy, this is a device that permits you to facilitate the download of older versions of iOS apps from iTunes. It’s slightly of a drawn-out workout, however in the event you’ve ever been in want of an older model of a specific app, then you understand how to hand any such method can also be.

Shall we commence ?

Step 1: Download, set up, and release Charles. Click Grant Privileges and input your administrator password.
Step 2: Download an app that you would like to downgrade from iTunes, and watch the download task within the Structure segment inside of Charles. You will have to see a “purchase” server.
Step 3: Right-click on at the “purchase” server and click on Enable SSL Proxying
Step 4: Stop the iTunes download.
Step 5: Search for the app once more in iTunes to raise the main points web page, and download the app once more. Cancel the download once more
Step 6: Click the disclosure triangle via the “purchase” server and click on buyProduct.
Step 7: Click the Response tab, proper click on on buyProduct and click on Export. Select the Desktop because the Export region, make a selection XML for layout, and click on Save.
Step 8: Open the XML document the use of a textual content editor, and scroll down to find the next line:
Under that line you will have to see an inventory of numbers identical to this:
These are all of the versions of the app, ranging from oldest to latest.
Copy the model quantity that you would like to download. You’ll have to do a little bet and checking when you’re on the lookout for an actual hit on a selected model. In the video instructional above, O merely make a selection the oldest model. Close the textual content editor.
Step 9: Back in Charles, proper-click on on buyProduct and choose Edit.
Step 10: Click Text and in finding the next line close to the highest of the web page:
Underneath that textual content, you’ll see a numerical worth inside of <string> tags. Paste the worth you copied in step 8 to exchange the worth that’s displayed. Once you do this, click on the Execute button on the backside of the display.
Step 11: Scroll down beneath the Response tab and also you will have to see the bundleShortVersionString. Underneath that, you’ll see the real numerical model of the app that you simply keyed in on. You can repeat this procedure till you hone in at the particular model that you simply’re after.
Step 12: Right-click on at the ultimate buyProduct within the listing beneath the “purchase” server, and click on Breakpoints.
Step 13: In iTunes, seek for your app once more to refresh the web page, and click on the Download button to commence the download once more.
Step 14: Back in Charles, you may even see the Charles splash display seem in short. Click Edit Request → XML Text, and paste the model ID that we copied in step 8 beneath the <key>appExtVrsId<key>. Click Execute once more.
Step 15: You’ll see any other breakpoint, simply click on Execute once more.
Step 16: Check iTunes, and the download will have to begin and whole.
Step 17: Click the My Apps tab, and also you’ll see your downloaded app. It will have to be the older model of the app. You can proper-click on and make a selection Get Info to examine the older model quantity.
Step 18: Connect your iPhone to your Mac, and drag the app icon for the older model of the app to your iPhone. You’ll want to be sure that any more recent versions are uninstalled out of your iPhone ahead of you'll be able to set up the older model.
Step 19: Close and uninstall Charles as soon as whole.

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