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How to create and run a VR app on macOS using Unity, part 1

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How to create and run a VR app on macOS using Unity, part 1

Ever need to create a easy VR utility to run on your HTC vive on macOS? This is how!

When you've been eying the newest developments in recreation building you could not perhaps leave out the hot hype (deserved for my part) round VR and AR packages. We have now additionally spoken at period about putting in and operating an HTC Vive VR headset on your Mac operating macOS Top Sierra.

With an eGPU development kit introduced by means of Apple or with the most recent iMac Pro operating a robust AMD Radeon Vega GPU, you'll be able to create and then run VR packages at once on a hooked up HTC Vive VR headset. This is part 1 of our 2 part sequence on how to create and run a easy VR utility on macOS and HTC Vive! Check out part 2 here!

This instructional used to be written following the video instructional supplied by means of VRGameDev on Youtube so ensure to take a look at their channel!

Set up Cohesion Engine

When you haven'y already performed so, you can want to set up a VR in a position building engine such as Unity. Cohesion Engine Non-public Version is loose in your private use and instructional functions. When you change into extra talented and get started promoting your VR packages, you'll be able to then get one in all Cohesion's industrial licenses. You'll [follow our guide to install Unity](/how-install-unity-engine-macos-vr-application-creation} if you want lend a hand, or apply the next abstract.

  1. Navigate with a browser to
  2. Click on on Get Cohesion.
  3. Click on on Check out Non-public.
  4. Test the field to agree to the Phrases of Carrier.
  5. Click on Obtain Installer.
  6. Double click on the UnityDownloadAssistant dmg report you simply downloaded.
  7. Double click on the Cohesion DownloadAssistant** icon.
  8. Click on Proceed.
  9. Click on Proceed once more.
  10. Make a choice the Elements you would like to Set up. This can also be left as default.
  11. Click on Proceed.
  12. Make a choice the set up Vacation spot.
  13. Click on Proceed.
  14. As soon as the set up is whole click on Shut.

How to get started a new venture

As soon as put in we are in a position to get down to trade and get started and title a new venture.

  1. Click on New venture.
  2. Input a Mission title
  3. Ensure that the venture is ready to 3-D.
  4. Input a save Location..
  5. Click on Create venture.

You will have to now have an empty venture 3-D venture in a position to pass!

How to get started construction the VR utility

Make the ground

  1. Make a choice Record > Construct Settings.
  2. Click on Participant Settings.
  3. Test XR Settings to be Digital Fact Supported.

  4. Click on the Oculus Digital Fact SDK.
  5. With Oculus highlighted click on the - to take away it (It isn't wanted as OpenVR works on all VR platforms).

  6. Make a choice Record > Save Scene as.
  7. Input a Save As title for the scene.
  8. Click on Save. A New Icon will seem with the title of your scene.
  9. Underneath Hierarchy, click on Create > 3-D object > Airplane.
  10. Click on on the Airplane we simply created.
  11. Underneath Become, trade the dimensions of your aircraft to X=1000, Y=1, Z=1000.

  12. Underneath the Mission menu, click on Create > Subject material.
  13. You'll be able to see a sphere seem within the property. Rename that to Flooring.

  14. Click on on the sq. subsequent to Albedo and choose a colour similar to inexperienced to constitute the ground on your VR app.
  15. As soon as once more choose Airplane and rename it to flooring.

  16. Drag the asset Flooring onto the hierarchy Flooring to make it the colour you decided on.
  17. The ground of your VR international in now inexperienced.

Make the interactive object

It is nice to have a VR international to stand in however it is higher to have object to have interaction with. Right here we're going to be growing a easy dice that we will manipulate within the VR international.

  1. Underneath Hierarchy once more, choose Create > 3-D object > Dice.
  2. Make a choice Dice.
  3. Underneath Become, trade the dimensions to X=0.2, Y=0.2, and Z=0.2.
  4. Set the location below change into to X=0, Y=0.1, and Z=0.

  5. Underneath the Mission menu, click on Create > Subject material.
  6. Rename the fabric to Dice.
  7. Click on on the sq. subsequent to Albedo and choose a colour similar to pink to colour the dice on your VR app.
  8. Make a choice Dice within the property and drag it to Dice below Hierarchy.
  9. The interactive dice is now pink.

Keep Tuned

To make issues extra digestible we're going to be posting how to create arms, observe interplay on gadgets, and after all construct and run your VR utility on macOS using the HTC vive on a next how-to so stay an eye fixed out! Tell us how you will have fared up to now within the feedback!


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