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How to create and run a macOS VR app using Unity: Part 2

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How to create and run a macOS VR app using Unity: Part 2

Ever need to create a easy VR utility to run in your HTC vive on macOS? This is how!

If you happen to've been eying the most recent traits in sport construction you could not perhaps leave out the hot hype (deserved in my view) round VR and AR programs. Now we have additionally spoken at period about putting in and operating an HTC Vive VR headset in your Mac operating macOS Prime Sierra.

With an eGPU development kit presented by means of Apple or with the latest iMac Pro operating a tough AMD Radeon Vega GPU, you'll be able to create and then run VR programs at once on a hooked up HTC Vive VR headset. This is part2 on how to create and run a easy VR utility on macOS and HTC Vive! Take a have a look at part 1 to get you up to velocity!

This instructional used to be written following the video instructional equipped by means of VRGameDev so ensure to take a look at their channel!

How to make your fingers

To stay issues easy, the "fingers" in our utility will likely be two easy spheres however will likely be ready to use the cause buttons at the HTC Vive controller to snatch the dice.

  1. Below Hierarchy once more, make a selection Create > 3-D object > Sphere.
  2. Make a selection Sphere.
  3. Below Turn into, trade the size to X=0.1, Y=0.1, and Z=0.1.
  4. Depart the placement at X=0, Y=0, and Z=0.
  5. Make a selection Sphere below Hierarchy and rename it to LeftHand.
  6. Possibility-Click on LeftHand and and make a selection Replica.
  7. Rename the replica to **RightHand.
  8. Make a selection each LeftHand and RightHand.

  9. Below Sphere Collider click on the tools and Take away Element (we don't need our fingers to collide with each and every different in VR).

How to reproduction some C# code

Since studying C# or different programming languages is past the scope of this newsletter, we will be able to import code to inform our utility what to do with the enter controllers of the HTC Vive. You'll be able to reproduction the code right here into a easy textual content editor (I take advantage of vi), put it aside as HandGabbing.cs, and in the end to merge it into your VR utility.

using Machine.Collections; using Machine.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.XR; //wishes to be UnityEngine.VR in model sooner than 2017.2

public magnificence HandGrabbing : MonoBehaviour {

public string InputName;
public XRNode NodeType;
public Vector3 ObjectGrabOffset;
public waft GrabDistance = 0.1f;
public string GrabTag = "Snatch";
public waft ThrowMultiplier=1.5f;
non-public Turn into _currentObject;
non-public Vector3 _lastFramePosition;
// Use this for initialization
void Get started()
// Replace is named as soon as in step with body
void Replace()
//update hand place and rotation
become.localPosition = InputTracking.GetLocalPosition(NodeType);
become.localRotation = InputTracking.GetLocalRotation(NodeType);
//if we do not have an lively object in hand, glance if there's one in proximity
if (_currentObject == null)
//we have now object in hand, update its place with the present hand place (+outlined offset from it)
//save the present place for calculation of speed in subsequent body
_lastFramePosition =;


How to correlate you fingers with an enter software

  1. At the best menu bar click on Edit > Mission Settings > Enter.
  2. Below InputManager Possibility-Click on Horizontal.
  3. Make a selection Replica Array Part.
  4. Rename the brand new part to TiggerLeft.
  5. Set Kind to Joystick Axis.
  6. Set the Axis to 11th axis (Joysticks).
  7. Possibility-Click on TriggerLeft.
  8. Make a selection Replica Array Part.
  9. Rename the brand new part to TiggerRight.
  10. Set the Axis to 12th axis (Joysticks).
  11. Possibility-Click on the clean house below Property.
  12. Make a selection Import New Asset.
  13. Make a selection the HandGrabbing.cs document you downloaded prior to now.
  14. Click on Import.
  15. Make a selection each LeftHand and RightHand below Hierarchy.
  16. Drag and drop the HandGrabbing.cs script onto the Inspector window.

  17. Make a selection LeftHand below Hierarchy and trade the enter identify to TriggerLeft.
  18. Make a selection Left Hand below Node Kind.
  19. Make a selection RightHand below Hierarchy and trade the enter identify to TriggerRight.
  20. Make a selection Proper Hand below Node Kind.

How to make the dice interactive

In any case, let's observe interplay at the dice.

  1. Make a selection the Dice below Hierarchy.
  2. Below Inspector click on the drop-down subsequent to Tag.
  3. Make a selection Upload Tag.
  4. Click on the +.
  5. Identify the Tag Snatch.
  6. Click on Dice avian below Hierarchy.
  7. Click on Tag.
  8. Make a selection Snatch.

How to construct and play your VR App

As soon as the whole thing is inlace, you'll be able to press the Play button and run your VR App in realtime.

  1. Press the Play triangle.
  2. Make a selection a display screen answer that can run at the HTC Vive (Equivalent to 1650 x 1050).
  3. Click on Play!.

Your SteamVR utility must get started and you must now be ready to use your utility in VR. You'll be able to snatch your Dice and trow it far! Congratulations! You could have created your first VR utility!.

Ultimate ideas

That is simply a style of the way to create a VR utility. With a bit of luck you'll be able to be tempted to make it a complete meal. Sport engines like Solidarity and Unreal make it very approachable for brand new aspiring sport developers to get their ft rainy and get started developing wonderful VR video games. So what are you looking ahead to?! Let us know what you'll be able to be creating in VR on macOS?


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