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How to control your Philips Hue lights when you’re away from home

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How to control your Philips Hue lights when you’re away from home

How do I control my Philips Hue lighting fixtures setup when I am away from home? There are two strategies, in fact!

Whether or not you merely forgot to end up the lights prior to you left home or, for safety causes, you wish to have to make it appear to be your vacant home is occupied, you'll be able to control your Philips Hue lighting fixtures setup while you're away from your space.

If you need to upload a Philips Hue arrange to your home, I would suggest going for one of the crucial starter kits because it comprises the essential HomeKit-enabled Philips Hue bridge.

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There are two strategies for faraway control: the Philips Hue app and Apple's HomeKit. Let's check out how to arrange each strategies!

How to arrange faraway get entry to with the Philips Hue app

Via logging in to the Philips Hue app with your Philips Hue account, you'll be able to use the Philips Hue bridge to control your lights whilst you're away from home and arrange location-based triggers to flip at the lights when you arrive and switch them off when you allow.

  1. Release the Hue app.
  2. Faucet Discover.
  3. Faucet Log in to My Hue.
  4. Faucet Log in.

  5. Input your Philips Hue account main points and faucet Log in.
  6. Faucet Sure to point out you agree with the Philips Hue app.
  7. The app will point out you're Logged in.

How to arrange far flung get entry to with HomeKit and the Home app

The use of HomeKit to control your Philips Hue setup whilst you're away from home in reality way the use of a so-called Home Hub to control your units. A fourth era Apple TV and an iPad can each serve as as a Home Hub — they take within the instructions you dictate whilst you're away and keep up a correspondence that knowledge to the units on your home community.

How to make your Apple TV a Home Hub

  1. Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  2. Scroll down and click on to open Accounts.
  3. Be certain that you're signed in with your Apple ID.

  4. Click on to open iCloud.

  5. Scroll down to HomeKit and test to see that it says Hooked up.
  6. If the HomeKit surroundings reads Now not Hooked up, click on to attach.

How to make your iPad a Home Hub

  1. Release Settings on your iPad.
  2. Scroll down and faucet Home.
  3. Faucet the transfer to allow Use this iPad as a Home Hub.

When you have hassle getting your Home Hub arrange, head right here for some troubleshooting guidelines:

How to make your Apple TV or iPad a Home Hub

As soon as you have got your Home Hub all arrange, it is so simple as launching the Home app or speaking to Siri to control your Philips Hue lights! Your instructions will make their means to the iPad or Apple TV you have got at home and it will inform the Philips Hue bridge what you wish to have to make occur. The bridge will take the ones instructions the space (to your lights) and BOOM! — your front room lights were became off whilst you're away from home.


Run into hassle making an attempt to get far flung get right of entry to arrange? Need to be informed extra about Philips Hue lights? Let me know within the feedback or over on Twitter and we're going to get issues found out!


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