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How to close all Finder windows with a keyboard shortcut on Mac

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How to close all Finder windows with a keyboard shortcut on Mac

Did you open many finders windows tabs on your Mac ? Probably it's going to take a very long time till you close all of them. O assume a few folks get into the addiction of doing this just because Command (⌘)+A doesn’t paintings with Finder. You can’t “hand over” the Finder app, in order that well-liked shortcut for final apps gained’t paintings.

That doesn’t essentially imply you've to be relegated to the tedious attempt required to manually close a bunch of Finder windows. Instead of personally ultimate out of each and every window that you've got open, there’s a easy approach to temporarily close all open Finder windows.

STEP 1: Open Finder window.

STEP 2: Hold (⌥) at the same time as clicking the File menu

STEP 3: Click close all.

This will close all Finder windows in a single fell swoop. Actually, the Close All command works with just about any app, however it’s particularly helpful for Finder given that you'll be able to’t in fact hand over the Finder like you'll be able to with different apps.

If you’d choose to steer clear of the menu bar, you'll be able to simply use this keyboard shortcut as an alternative:

Option (⌥)+Command (⌘)+C

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