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How to adjust audio in the Music app for Apple TV

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How to adjust audio in the Music app for Apple TV

You'll be able to adjust the audio settings without delay in the Music app on Apple TV to highest your sound.

Effective-tuning the audio on Apple TV could make an international of distinction when enjoying track. Even though you will have tweaked the audio preferences to perfection, there are nonetheless a few issues you'll be able to do in particular in the Music app to make stronger your listening revel in.

How to transfer speaker output in the Music app on Apple TV

Whilst listening to song on Apple TV in the Music app, you'll be able to use a shortcut to transfer speaker output. This manner, if you'll be able to get the sound you wish to have from the position you wish to have it.

  1. Open the Music app.
  2. Play a Track.

  3. Press and cling the trackpad on the Siri Far flung for one 2d whilst the track is enjoying to name up the choices menu.
  4. Make a selection Audio system.
  5. Transfer to any other speaker gadget this is attach to Apple TV.

How to carry out a valid test in the Music app on Apple TV

Sound Test in the Music app on Apple TV scans the songs in your library and test for quantity adjustments. It then makes use of the knowledge to control quantity keep an eye on if you find yourself enjoying songs. That approach, a music you ripped off of a CD would possibly not be louder or quieter than a track you will have added from Apple Music.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Make a selection Apps.

  3. Make a selection Music underneath App Settings.
  4. Choose Sound Test to toggle the transfer on.


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